20 Gorgeous DIY Coffee Table Ideas to Try At Home

Get inspired and check out our list of 20 gorgeous DIY Coffee Table ideas to try for yourselves. Pleasing to the eyes and easy to follow!

DIY Coffee Tables

With all 20 of these DIY coffee table ideas, you can choose from modern to chic to the farmhouse. We have you covered!

When it comes to choosing a coffee table, be sure to think about the size of your space and what types of materials you want to include. For instance, marble, wood, or brass are all popular craft materials for DIY tables.

Plus, you can make them in any shape or size to fit your space, whether it’s round, oval, square or rectangular. You can even customize your DIY coffee table to match your color scheme with fresh paint…

20 Best DIY Coffee Tables

1 — Basket Coffee Table Hack

Basket Coffee Table Hack by Home Talk
Photo by Home Talk

If you’ve seen my DIY basket light, you know that we are such a sucker for basket hacks. This basket coffee table version is definitely next on my list to try.

2 — DIY Fluted Side Table

DIY fluted side table by Kismet House
Photo by Kismet House

Textured coffee tables are always a yes for us. A fluted side table is a perfect DIY to add some dimension to your room with only 4 easy supplies.

3 — DIY Cross Coffee Table

Do you want a modern coffee table or a traditional one? This cross coffee table can be either depending on how you style it.

4 — DIY Tile Side Table

DIY Tiled Side Table
Photo by Alice & Louis

Convert this adorable tiled side table to a coffee table with a glass top and even personalize this piece of furniture with your tile choices.

5 — DIY Mid Century Nightstand

DIY mid century nightstand by from Burkatron
Photo by Burkatron

We love this mid century modern nightstand. Flip it into a coffee table by opting for shorter legs and style as a coffee table.

6 — DIY Pallet Table

 DIY pallet table by Sugar and Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Our DIY pallet table is a cheap and easy option for an industrial coffee table.

7 — DIY Ikea Hack Side Table

DIY Ikea Hack Side Table
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Ikea hacks are our go-to. This side table could easily become your new coffee table. Its open ends also allow your room to flow and are perfect for storage space for small areas.

8 — DIY Mid Century Side Table

DIY mid century side table by Sugar and Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Upsize this mid century side table for your new coffee table. It even opens for the perfect hiding spot for your remotes.

9 — DIY Mini Patterned Side Table

DIY Mini Patterned Side Table by Sugar and Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Our patterned mini side table is the perfect coffee table for the more small-scale apartments and spaces.

10 — DIY Sofa Table

DIY Sofa Table by Sugar and Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Still thinking on the apartment side, our DIY sofa table is a sturdy and stylish alternative to a traditional coffee table.

11 — DIY Marble Table Top with Gold Accents

DIY Marble Table Top with Gold Accents by Sugar and Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

DIY marble table top with gold accents is a trending and low-profile option for your new coffee table.

12 — DIY TV Tray and Folded Heart Napkins

DIY TV Tray and Folded heart napkins
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Do you really need a traditional coffee table? Opt for our gold and wood finish TV tray instead. Call it a new stylish coffee table alternative.

13 — Simple DIY Faux Terrazzo Coffee Table

Simple DIY Faux Terrazzo Coffee Table
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Wanting lots of colors to brighten up your space? Try our DIY faux terrazzo coffee table with only a shortlist of supplies.

14 — DIY Floor Table

DIY Floor Table by Sugar and Cloth
Photo by: Sugar & Cloth

Our DIY floor table can be used as your new wooden coffee table when you’re not entertaining.

15 — An Easy DIY Kids Activity Table

An Easy DIY Kids Activity Table by Sugar and Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Do kids play table or your new coffee table? This white kids activity table is at the perfect coffee table height and has an abundance of storage.

16 — Gold and Faux Marble Coffee Table Ikea Hack

Gold and Faux Marble Coffee Table Ikea Hack by Ling Yeung B
Photo by Ling Yeung B

Back again with another Ikea hack! This gold and faux marble coffee table is a low cost and stylish option for your new coffee table

17 — DIY Outdoor Chevron Coffee Table

DIY Outdoor Chevron Coffee Table by DIY Huntress
Photo by DIY Huntress

Do you need a coffee table for your backyard? This DIY all wood chevron outdoor coffee table is durable and stylish all in one.

18 — Farmhouse Coffee Table (Beginner/Under $40)

Farmhouse Coffee Table by Ana White
Photo by Ana White

Farmhouse style has been so popular for so long. This DIY farmhouse coffee table is easy, affordable and adorable.

19 — DIY Square Coffee Table

DIY Square Coffee Table
Photo by Shanty 2 Chic

Want to build a coffee table from scratch? This square wood coffee table is perfect for large living rooms and definitely fits the infamous farmhouse style.

20 — Coffee Table Trunk: Thrift Flip

Coffee Table Trunk : Thrift Flip by Blue Augustine
Photo by Blue Augustine

Thrift store flips are one in a million, and we are loving this trunk gone gold coffee table for a unique addition to your space.

More Easy DIY Projects for Your Home

In case you’re looking for more DIY ideas for how to style or decorate your new coffee table, check out our other ideas below —

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