The Christmas Nook


a christmas nook from the martha stewart living holiday collection with sugar and cloth

Lucky for me, I happen to have a husband that would gladly have Christmas become a year round holiday (he also drinks out of a Santa mug everyday for the entire month of December, but that’s a story for another time). Any-who, this little tid-bit proves to be really beneficial when the time comes to set up holiday inspiration shoots in the beginning of November, such as this Christmas nook I put together using the Martha Stewart collection at Home Depot! Needless to say, he is in Christmas heaven even though it’s still 80+ degrees in Houston…

holiday decor inspiration with the Martha Stewart collection
holiday decor inspiration with the Martha Stewart collection
holiday decor inspiration with the Martha Stewart collection

Of course I had to sneak a few desserts in there, otherwise there would be no Sugar in Sugar & Cloth, not to mention it’s not a holiday with my family unless there’s plenty of food! Bascially I was raised to live by this quote. holiday decor inspiration with the Martha Stewart collection

holiday decor inspiration with the Martha Stewart collection

DIY hanging branch // The following are all Martha Stewart Living items: pre-lit downswept christmas tree // winterberry ornament set // glittered reindeer // mushroom ornament set // snowflake tree topper // pre-lit berries garland // lofty wool blend yarn for giant hanging pom poms // candy striped muffin cups from Jo-Ann // bird dome cake stand // bell jar dome cake stand // extra soft wool blend yarn for mini present pom poms


this post is sponsored by

All of the Holiday décor products were provided by Martha Stewart Living exclusively at The Home Depot

With the purchase of select Martha Stewart Living Christmas trees through November 14th, you’ll receive a free set of 100 ornaments, here.


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28 thoughts on “The Christmas Nook

  1. jewel7013

    Martha Stewart should be proud!
    As a matter of fact, she should use these photo shoots in her upcoming holiday edition.

  2. Vicki

    oh my gosh, I love this set up! i haven’t even had time to start decorating because it isn’t even close to being winter here in Houston haha You’ve made me want to start like tomorrow!

  3. Dani

    Wowzer! How beautiful does this look! I’m so jealous, I live with a bunch of Scrooges who would never let me have our tree set up in November!

  4. Hilary

    Can I come over for a coffee and a slice of that marvelous looking cake ? Your house makes me want to make Christmas cookies!!!!!

  5. Kari

    This is the first winter I’ve spent in Houston and the 80+ degrees in November is still blowing my mind. I actually got sunburned sitting outside last weekend. I just want to be in sweaters and boots!

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