Bouncing Back + The Weekly Edit

Gwen, Lindt & Crate & Barrel Easter Basket by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

It’s safe to say that a spring photo was fitting after the snowpocalypse that we just had in Houston.

We’re currently clinging to old photo favorites considering pretty much every yard plant we had is now dead. The only ones still kicking on my outside faux plants, but who’s laughing now?! 

Thankfully we only had a few busted pipe issues and our water and power have been back on for a while now. It truly was such a chaotic time and my heart goes out to those that experienced the worst of it. 

Speaking of outside plans, we’re *trying* to get back on track with our backyard makeover, so keep an eye on that via Instagram stories. Sometimes renovations get major setbacks, and I’d say the snow really did a number on our plans.

In the meantime, here are some weekly links for your Sunday reading pleasure…

The Weekly Edit

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