A Cactus Inspired Brunch Party

a cactus inspired brunch party | sugar & clotha cactus inspired brunch party | sugar & cloth

photos by Jared Smith

As some of you may know, my cactus train has been ready and roaring since this little DIY several months ago, and I don’t plan to come to a screeching halt with it any time soon! Good news is my friends support the obsession, so when I met up with Kelly in Los Angeles last week for work, we decided to go full force with a cactus inspired brunch party with Lowe’s so we could catch up with some of our favorite West coast bloggers all in one place!

I think it’s actually physically impossible for us to cut corners when it comes to a celebration, so we have a jam packed party full of printable placemats, menu cards, budget friendly DIY favors (with some very unexpected Lowe’s supplies!), avocado donuts, and of course, my token macarons with cacti on them…

a cactus inspired brunch party | sugar & clotha cactus inspired brunch party | sugar & cloth

 a cactus inspired brunch party | sugar & clotha cactus inspired brunch party | sugar & cloth

Of course when you combine Sugar & Cloth and Studio DIY into one party atmosphere, we will be really testing the limits of a socially unacceptable amount of sweets. Kelly kept up with tradition on her genius donut ideas with these cute avocado numbers that California Donuts whipped up for the brunch, and I took my cookie painting skills seriously with cactus macarons that I drew on rose and vanilla flavors from Lette Macarons.

We also had an abnormally long debate on how many puns are TOO many puns in a single party (you know, per usual), but we stuck with “Holy Guacamole!” for the printed menus and “Prick your poison” for the dessert and drink table.

a cactus inspired brunch party | sugar & clotha cactus inspired brunch party | sugar & clotha cactus inspired brunch party | sugar & cloth

To make for a more interesting place setting, we used This Is Ground metallic gold cord tacos with pieces of green crepe paper to make them look like tacos (hence the catered taco lunch just in case this isn’t coming full circle yet), and all of our guests got to take them home as favors too! Much cuter than just a typed menu, in my book!

The placemats are actually just a watercolor graphic I designed that we had printed locally on 11×14 sheets (which you can download below to use for your own party, of course!).

a cactus inspired brunch party | sugar & cloth a cactus inspired brunch party | sugar & cloth

For another DIY favor idea (or party activity if you’re looking for something to keep guests busy), we used plastic PVC end caps from the plumbing section of Lowe’s and potted mini cacti in them, topped them with white play sand. We also sat out a variety of washi tapes for guests to grab and go to create patterns on their planters at home.

a cactus inspired brunch party | sugar & cloth a cactus inspired brunch party | sugar & cloth

Instead of using bulky chairs, we repurposed these metal plant stands as stools by adding a few nonslip grips to the bottoms, and I LOVE the way they turned out! Be honest though, I want to know if you all would use them as seating or not for your own parties!

a cactus inspired brunch party | sugar & cloth

And this basically sums up mine and Kelly’s relationship. I spend my days doing something ridiculous and she laughs at my social misfortunes. It works out really well. Be sure to check out her blog post for even more details of the party, and check out the hashtag from the live social shares here.

Product sources: white ceramic planters for tablescape // PVC end caps for DIY favor planters // Allen + Roth blue watercolor pillows // larger Allen + Roth white planter with cactus // metal outdoor stools // Allen + Roth outdoor side table // Allen + Roth sling patio chairs // floral arrangements created in Lowe’s planters by Shindig Chic // printable placemats and menus by Sugar & Cloth (printable links below) // gold leather cord tacos by This Is Ground // gold and peach tabletop bowls from CB2 // all cacti sourced from Lowe’s // donuts designs by Kelly from California Donuts // cactus macarons painted by Sugar & Cloth on Lette Macarons // lunch catered by BS Taqueria

*Printables are for personal use only, and may NOT be redistributed, sold, altered, or watermarked.
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  1. Hi!! Can you link me to the post for the diy cactus with the pom pom trim around it that I saw on ig? I cant find it ??

  2. Gorgeous table setting! The stools look great but i wonder if they’d discourage a long, leisurely gathering? But I feel the same way about using backless benches at dining tables. I like comfy seating for dinner parties that go on and on. That said, Your setup is a knockout!

  3. This is so amazing! The macarons, the avocado donuts (omg) and yes, I would totally use garden stools as seating. SO CUTE. #nailedit

  4. So much perfection! You girls looks gorgeous and so does the table! I love the details!


  5. Without a doubt I’d use those as seating. I think I’m adding attend a Sugar + Cloth party to my life bucket list, dreamy.

  6. I am in love with this idea! The macarons you decorated turned out so cute, and I loved the avocado donuts.


  7. You guys did an amazing job, Ash! The photos turned out so beautiful and I love all the floral centerpieces and desserts.

  8. This party is gorgeous! I absolutely love the place settings!! So cute:)

    XO – Sarah


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