DIY Hanging Mirror

DIY Hanging Mirror —  Leather? Paper mache hat boxes? This is one budget friendly DIY hanging mirror you will definitely want to make…

DIY hanging mirror |

photos and tutorial by Aileen of At Home In Love

I love a good budget decor DIY as much as the next gal, but only if you can’t tell that it’s a budget DIY. That may sound a little harsh except I think I’ve earned the right to say that somewhere along my long path of not so great decor DIY’s (this is good proof), but Aileen gets an A++ with her DIY hanging mirror. Leather? Paper mache hat boxes? I mean, this girl is after my own heart! Best part is I never would’ve known she made it.

Lucky for you, we happen to be good enough friends to where she’s willing to dish her DIY secret here on S&C…


DIY hanging mirror | sugarandcloth.comFind a sample can of paint that matches the color of your leather strap. Your hardware store should have a good selection in a range of colors, so you should be able to find a color that is pretty darn close. Paint the lid and side of the box (the middle part will have the mirror glued over it, so that part doesn’t have to be painted.DIY hanging mirror | sugarandcloth.comDecide how long your want your leather strap to be and cut it accordingly. Next, punch holes in the lid where you want the bolts to go.DIY hanging mirror |

DIY hanging mirror | sugarandcloth.comTrace the holes onto the inside of the leather strap with a pen. Punch these holes using your leather punch (if you have one) or a drill then attach the strap to the lid with the nuts and bolts.DIY hanging mirror | sugarandcloth.comGlue the mirror onto the inside of the lid. Weigh it down with some books and wait for the glue to fully dry, to make sure it’s really secure. Now hang your new mirror on the wall!DIY hanging mirror |

In case you’ve decide you love Aileen as much as I do, you can see some of her other projects here. My favorites happen to be these DIY stamped business cards and these DIY belt strap shelves.


photos and tutorial by Aileen of At Home In Love

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  3. Amazing!! I’ve been planning on doing a similar DIY for a while. I never thought to use a paper hat box!


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