DIY Mini Hexagon Marble Wall Clock

Add a touch of glam to your tabletop or shelf decor without breaking the bank with this DIY mini hexagon marble wall clock.

DIY mini hexagon marble wall clock | sugar & cloth

I personally love the #shelfie concept much more than the #selfie trend. So to support the movement, I’m sharing this DIY Mini Hexagon Marble Wall Clock for more photogenic shelfies across the world.

I know, I know. You can thank me later. In the meantime, let me just apologize to you for the incessant use of marble tiles in every other DIY lately. I have a slight addiction.

But seriously, they really do look good on just about everything —  shelves, desks, countertops, and even the dinner table. They’re basically your new best decor friend…

DIY mini hexagon marble wall clock | sugar & cloth

Materials & Tools Needed To Make A DIY Mini Hexagon Marble Wall Clock

Marble Tile

Drill & regular drill bit

5/16 ceramic drill bit

Mini wall clock kit

Painter’s tape

Water squirt bottle

Paper towel

Super Glue

DIY mini hexagon marble wall clock | sugar & cloth

How To Make A DIY Mini Hexagon Marble Wall Clock

First, you’ll need to drill a hole into the very center of the tile.

To do this, use painter’s tape to tape across the surface of the tile for added strength so the marble doesn’t chip or break.

Next, start a groove with a drill and regular drill bit just until you can see ceramic dust.

Then, switch to a ceramic drill bit and spritz the hole with water to help drill through without causing tension. 

It may become a bit messy, but you can use a paper towel to dab away excess water.

DIY mini hexagon marble wall clock | sugar & cloth

Once the hole is drilled all the way through, remove the tape and wipe the surface clean.

Insert the battery part of the clock mechanism through the hole to make sure it fits.

If it does not, use a dab of super glue evenly across the battery backing. (Be sure to avoid the hand shaft so that it will still rotate the hands as necessary.)

Insert the movement through the hole and hold in place until the battery is well adhered to the back of the marble.

DIY mini hexagon marble wall clock | sugar & cloth

This is necessary because the marble is too thick for the hex nut to clip onto from the front side, so it needs to be held in place on it’s own.

Next, insert the washer over the shaft and then the hex nut, both of which can be glued to adhere to place.

Lastly, you’ll attach the hands as instructed for your mechanism, and you’re all set!

The tile is wide enough to stand up on its own. Or hang the clock from the opening on the back of the mechanism, or stacked/lean in place for styling.

DIY mini hexagon marble wall clock | sugar & cloth  DIY mini hexagon marble wall clock | sugar & cloth

Speaking of time, we’re actually just getting settled here in Florida visiting family and have no intention of racing the clock for the next few days! Can I get an amen?!

DIY mini hexagon marble wall clock | sugar & cloth


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  2. Love the clock! I am thinking about making one, and am wondering how thick the marble is, and how you get it to stand up without falling over if the table is lightly bumped? Thanks!

    1. Hi Donna! There’s a link in the blog post on the exact marble piece that we used. You can also find it on Amazon here. (Keep in mind that’s the price for 100 pieces!) It’s 3/8″ thick. The tile is wide enough to stand up on its own, but it can also be hung from the opening on the back of the mechanism, or stacked/lean in place for styling. We’d lean it if it’s prone to being bumped or you can make a wood block cutout holder. Hope this helps!

    1. I Jason, we’re glad you were inspired by our work, but we ask that you not recreate our project in sharing the exact step by steps. You should have at the very least crediting us for inspiration, as I’m sure you wouldn’t want another Youtube account to recreate your work without crediting you either :)

  3. Was the 3/4″ mini clock kit you linked in this project the one you actually used? Because I bought the marble tile and the clock kit you linked and the shaft on the clock is wayyyyyyyy too long. It sticks out a good half inch from the front of the marble and does not look cute. I’m going to see if I can add some wood or something to the back between the battery box and the marble so the hands aren’t sticking a half inch away from the tile on the front. Just wanted to comment to prevent other people from encountering the same trouble I did if you’re actually going to try this project!

  4. Absolutely love this! We’ve wondered what to do with some extra marble in the garage beyond a few dozen cheese plates! I’m getting my ceramic drill bits now. :) thanks for the inspiration. Jen @ – just found you on BH&G – sending my vote now!

  5. Ash! You are KILLING me with these marble projects lately! This one might be my fave! I might need a collection of marble clocks now. So cute! Have a great weekend!