Printable Surprise DIY Lunch Notecards

Printable Surprise DIY Lunch Notecards — Free printable templates to make your own Surprise DIY Lunch Notecards for kids, adults, and all loved ones alike!

DIY printable surprise lunch notecards |

I know that I’m a sucker for anything done out of love and a hint of a surprise. But really, how cute are these notecards that Victoria of Oh So Pretty designed for surprise lunch notes?!

I love them… and you… and everyone… so I’m happy to spread the surprise love with this these cute and easy Surprise DIY Lunch Notecards for your kiddos and loved ones as the year starts back up.

In case you’re not quite to the stage of life that requires a packed lunches or soccer practice, we also have super cute desktop and mobile wallpapers for you!

Don’t worry, I’m still in this category, too… unless my cat Thomas counts, which I don’t think so…

DIY printable surprise lunch notecards |

Materials And Tools Needed To Make Surprise DIY Lunch Notecards

Printer and printer paper or heavy cardstock



The downloadable templates — Links below

Scoring board — Optional

Glassine pouches — Optional

Clear tape — Optional

DIY printable surprise lunch notecards |

Free Printables Notecards And Wallpaper To Download

Patterned succulent notecards

Single potted succulent notecards

Patterned succulent desktop wallpaper

Single potted succulent mobile wallpaper

Patterned succulent mobile wallpaper

Potted succulents desktop wallpaper

 DIY printable surprise lunch notecards |

How To Make Surprise DIY Lunch Notecards

With these printables, all you have to do is print, cut along the graphics, and then fold.

I used a scoring board just to make the fold more crisp. But you obviously don’t have to do all of that!

They can just be left folded, or you can glue or tape the fold to make a flat card rather than an envelope style notecard.

To make the surprise version, just write your note, tuck them into a glassine envelope to keep it food safe, and then wrap it all up!


DIY printable surprise lunch notecards |

In case someone happens to be having something a bit more sloppy then a sandwich (I’m talking to you, salad eaters), you can just tuck the envelope in their bag or pouch instead.

I really like the idea of hiding it away inside, but it’s totally up to you!

Jared, on the other hand, thinks he had one too many traumatizing childhood experiences of biting into his Mom’s notes. So take what you wish from that, haha!

DIY printable surprise lunch notecards |


Designs by Victoria of Oh So Pretty | See more of her DIY’s and printables here, and her happenings on Instagram here.

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