DIY Sequin Marquee Heart

DIY Sequin Marquee Heart — A DIY Sequin Marquee Heart just in time for lighting up your Valentine’s date, wedding decor or favorite corner of the house.

DIY sequin marquee heart

When I realized how much you all loved my sequin ampersand project, I knew I had to take one for the team. So I made an even more glamorous version with this DIY Sequin Marquee Heart.

Plus, I don’t really need that much of a reason to buy a marquee heart in the first place! So the slightest hint of a DIY project on the horizon really sealed the deal for me.

If you’re planning a “Gal”entine’s brunch (or wedding!) anytime soon, you know your name is all over this!

In case you’re not a heart gal, you can use this same tutorial for any size or shape marquee light too.

DIY sequin marquee heart

Materials And Tools Needed To Make A DIY Sequin Marquee Heart

Marquee heart light — Or any other shape of your choice

11 yards of 1-inch sequin trim

Hot glue gun

Hot glue sticks


Metallic gold spray paint

DIY sequin marquee heart

How To Make A DIY Sequin Marquee Heart

The marquee heart I purchased was originally red.

But I spray painted it gold so that you wouldn’t notice if any parts peeked through between the sequin trim.

This is an optional step. But I highly recommend it because it makes the whole project a lot easier and it looks a lot cleaner in the end.

DIY sequin marquee heart

To paint the heart, remove the light bulbs.

Place a cotton or felt ball in each hole to make sure paint doesn’t effect the light connections.

Allow the spray paint to dry.

DIY sequin marquee heart

Then, starting at the bottom of the heart, glue the sequin trim along the sides, little by little in one long piece.

DIY sequin marquee heart

Cut the end to start a new row at the bottom. Then, continue gluing all the way around until the outside is finished.

You’ll have some fraying strands and falling sequins where the trim was cut.

However, just glue a few extra sequins in place individually to cover empty spots as needed.

DIY sequin marquee heart

DIY sequin marquee heart

Next, start gluing trim along the inside trim.

Be sure to glue the edges together really well so that it doesn’t leave a gap showing the metal frame (like above).

You can avoid this by holding the hot glued edges together with your finger until they cool in place.DIY sequin marquee heart

Next, continue glueing the trim down along the inside face.

I essentially just traced inside each trim line until the whole heart was covered. Be sure to cut the trim when necessary to go around a light base.

However if I did it again, I would probably have made diagonal lines going in one direction that certain places didn’t pucker around corners.

DIY sequin marquee heart

DIY sequin marquee heart

I really love the way it glimmers when it’s all lit up!

The good thing about the particular marquee that I used is that it’s battery operated. So there are no weird cords showing and coming out when it’s hung.

DIY sequin marquee heart

More Entertaining DIY’s

I’d love to know how many of you made the sequin ampersand project that want to make this one too!

Or better yet, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever covered in sequins? This could get interesting!

DIY sequin marquee heart


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  6. AHH! I’m in love! Michael’s has an arrow marquee from the same brand, I’m going to do one in all white sequins for my wedding! 9 months to go, hehe.

  7. So pretty! I’m starting a hanging heart wall in my porch, this would be perfect and would match the colours I already have. Love it x

  8. oh, this is SO pretty! I am not a heart girl, but I am definitely a sequin girl, and now I am trying to think where I could place something like this because it is so, so fun! I’m thinking above my nightstand would be a nice spot :-)

  9. This is absolutely gorgeous! I don’t have a lot of crafting abilities, but your details and tips make me believe I can do this. Thank you for sharing!

  10. This is seriously such a cute idea and it turned out fabulous. This marquee heart looks like something that would retail for a very hefty price tag so it’s awesome to have a DIY for it! Do you have any suggestions on where to pick up marquee shapes?

    rae of love from berlin