36 Modern Budget Door Mats We’re Loving

36 Modern Budget Door Mats — Welcoming fall with 36 modern budget door mats we’re loving this season. Some are funny, some are personalized, all are cute…

When it comes to expressing your style at home, most of us think of what’s actually in our home, but the opportunity for a good first impression really begins outside.

With that, we’ve come up with 36 modern budget door mats we’re loving right now.

If you’re a homeowner, depending on your HOA, the exterior possibilities may be endless — for the rest of us, it’s all in the details. One of those details is a really great, not-boring door mat.

These days almost everything offers the opportunity to make a home decor statement, so why not a door mat, too?

You wouldn’t buy plain Jane room furniture, ceiling fans, table lamps, or floor lamps, so why stick with a plain door mat?

If your door mat game is already strong, here are some other ideas to spruce up your home’s exterior: Front Door Makeover Before + After and Rooftop Patio Makeover Reveal.

36 Modern Budget Door Mat

We’re so on board with this au natural home trend (we’re looking at you, rattan furniture!) so to kick off this round up, we’re keeping it simple, natural, and versatile with jute, wood, and natural woven materials!


Rattan And Woven Door Mats

1. Rectangular jute door mat from Zara Home

2. Braided eye indoor or outdoor jute mat from Urban Outfitters

3. Chunky braided jute door mat with fringe a la Hearth & Hand by Magnolia – top pick!

4. Extra budget-friendly Infinity rope door mat (2 pack!)

5. Three stripe mat suitable for indoor or outdoor from Pottery Barn

6. Ultra modern raised door mat in teak from Crate & Barrel – top pick!

7. Braided jute door mat with squiggle design for indoor or outdoor use

8. Jute and white indoor mat that would be cute at the kitchen sink!

9. Thin round natural braided rug found on Amazon

10. Borderline door mat from CB2

11. Modern ‘Hello’ shadow door mat from Target

12. Modern Nickel Designs + pattern door mat by Swiss Cross

Next up, coir with a twist! These door mats offer a natural base with a design element or pop of color for interest.

Colorful And Graphic Door Mats

13. Tribal vibes with this Patterned Ella outdoor mat by Anthropoligie

14. Let ’em know ahead of time with the ‘Lose The Shoes’ coir mat, found on Etsy

15. Homes is where the heart is! California state door mat, also found on Etsy

16. Navy bold striped 100% natural coir door mat

17. Round polka dot door coir outdoor door mat from Anthropologie – top pick!

18. Leopard print door mat because leopard print is so classic, of course it can go on a door mat!

19. Fun, design-y Dash semi-circle print door mat from West Elm – top pick!

20. West Elm’s ‘Hello!’ dash mat, also for the design lover

21. Orange polka dot door mat because polka dots, always.

22. Bold greetings with ‘Hola’ greeting mat from West Elm

23. ‘Welcome’ with yellow shadow coir door mat

24. Modern geo Rainbow triangle door mat found on Amazon

We’ve saved the boldest for last. These door mats are literal works of art with bright colors and patterns for extra impact in your entry.

Statement Door Mats

25. Rainbow half circle door mat by the Novogratz for those who aren’t afraid to go bold and bright outside their doors (or inside, most likely, ha!).

26. Colorful stripe door mat from Target

27. ‘Love Grows Here’ plant coir door mat from Anthropologie

28. Moroccan geo print door mat from Anthropologie. Great colors and pattern here – top pick!

29. Tropical leaves door mat from Amazon because tropical everything.

30. Swimmer front door mat from West Elm – so fun for summer! We’d probably swap this one out during other seasons. Or not! Do you, girl!

31. Moroccan diamond tufted entry rug this is probably best suited indoors, even though it is called a door mat in the description. Either way, it’s one of our top picks!

32. Retro vibes chevron pattern door mat found on Houzz

33. Prismatic geometric colors coir front door mat

34. Yellow, green, navy, and white Color block door mat from Target

35. Blue heathered ultra-thin door mat by Chilewich

36. Black and white striped ultra-thin door mat by Chilewich (also shown as a bath mat) – top pick!

Pair these budget door mats with some pretty outdoor lighting and you’ll have a very impressive entrance to the living room.

How To Clean A Modern Door Mats | Modern Budget Door Mats We’re Loving

Cleaning your door mat is key to it lasting longer and to keeping clean floors inside your home.

Even if you don’t have a large household or frequent visitors, your own foot traffic can deliver quite a lot of dirt and muck to your door mat.

Not to mention, the natural elements that it may be exposed to without a covered entryway. So, what’s the best way to keep your bottom-of-the-shoe-cleaners clean?

Tips To A Clean Budget Door Mat:

Step 1 —  Give it a good shake to knock off as much loose dirt and debris as you can.

Step 2 — Depending on the mat’s material, you can use a vacuum (I love this one!) or broom to unlodge deeper dirt just below the surface. Most door mats can be sprayed down with a garden hose for easy cleaning.

Step 3 — Oily stains and grime can usually be beat with dish soap. This is the best method for spot-treating things like mud stains and spills.

Step 4 — Baking soda is commonly used to absorb odor in our refrigerators, but it works on door mats, too!

Simply sprinkle some baking soda allover your door mat and let sit for about 10 minutes. Scrub it in with a brush so that it gets down to the root, and then vacuum any excess from the top of the mat.

Step 5 — Store neatly. If you like to swap out your door mat for one that’s more seasonally (or holiday!) appropriate – these storage bins fit most standard sizes and can easily be stored under the bed or on a shelf in the garage.

As always, if you’re unsure, check the individual care instructions for your door mat. You may even be able to machine wash some of the low-pile, indoor mats.

Please note that we may earn a commission for some of the above affiliate links. However, products featured are independently selected and personally well-loved by us!

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    1. Yay! Glad you liked them! You’re probably not the only one who is long overdue for a door mat! We think it’s something people forget about and honestly, it’s only because of the new house that we realized we needed a new one too! Because doormats get used so much everyday!