DIY Abstract Embroidered Sweater

DIY Abstract Embroidered Sweater — With just some yarn, you can easily turn a plain ole sweater into a one of a kind DIY Abstract Embroidered Sweater!

DIY Abstract Embroidered Sweater by lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth - Houston Influecner Blogger


I’m notorious for getting random things for Kayla to wear so that she has to match me. Remember this twinning post from way back when she was just our summer intern?!

Since this is her first Christmas working with us full time, I wanted to do a little something extra to celebrate… and keep up my matching tradition, ha!

I tossed around a few ideas before deciding to make a DIY Abstract Embroidered Sweater inspired by this Hallmark Signature card that my friend Brittany got to design for them this year.

Hallmark had asked me to share a story of someone that made life extraordinary this year since their holiday cards are one of a kind for the people in your life who are anything but ordinary.

And though I jokingly force her to match me in public, I couldn’t think of a more fitting person than Kayla. 

She’s the first full-time Sugar & Cloth employee besides Jared and I. And she’s really changed the dynamic for the better.

We very lovingly call her our “resident unicorn” because she hustles, dreams big, laughs at all of my jokes, has amazing creative ideas, and legitimately keeps a container of glitter on her kitchen counter.

If that doesn’t make you part unicorn, I don’t know what does! Plus, she puts up with my level of crazy.

It’s definitely not all fun and games. Things get stressful, we have deadlines, tensions are high, and there are the occasional hurt feelings to talk through.

At the end of the day though, we really love her dearly and are so excited to call her a part of our little blog family.

Since she’s no ordinary gal, I didn’t want to give her any ordinary gift or card to go with it…


Materials And Tools Needed To Make A DIY Abstract Embroidered Sweater

Knit sweater

Yarn in the colors of your choice

Yarn needle



How To Make A DIY Abstract Embroidered Sweater

Thread the yarn onto the yarn needle and make the basic outline of your geometric shapes.

Then, continue to fill in the shape by sewing over it several times consecutively.


Repeat with varying shapes and colors throughout until it’s complete!

I will warn you that I cut the gold thread from this almost immediately after putting the sweater on because it was so itchy. So be sure to stick to just yarn!


Someone Extraordinary In Our Life

Did I mention I also made us matching pom pom slippers a few months ago?! Jared has a navy and grey pair too, haha!

We knew Kayla was extraordinary when she was interning last summer. And we had been endlessly making thank you gift boxes to ship to blog friends for several hours.

It had gotten dark. We were all tired. And I said that we should all go home and get some rest. And that we’d finish them tomorrow.

Even as an intern, Kayla chimed in and said “I vote we just knock them out today so we can start on new things tomorrow, I’m totally fine with staying late!”


This was coming from the girl that had a THREE HOUR commute to intern with us each week. It’s not every day you come across someone that willing to go above and beyond because they believe in what you’re doing. 

So naturally it only seemed fitting that I pick a card for her that played off of our matching shirts from back in her interning days to go along with my note of thankfulness for her dedication this year.

Who’s the new, special person you’re shopping/DIY’ing for this year?! I pinky swear to not be jealous if you decided to gift our matching sweater idea!


DIY Abstract Embroidered Sweater by lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth - Houston Influecner Blogger



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  1. What an awesome idea! I would love to do this for me and my daughter! She is 7 and wants to wear everything I wear, ha! I better rejoice this while it lasts and the tween/teen years come!