Eats // Petri Dish Jell-O


I love sprinkles, and the fact that this exceptionally easy petri dish recipe is exactly 50% sprinkles makes me giddy. All you have to do to create your own is make Jell-O per usual (what, you don’t usually make Jell-O?) and then pour it into the petri dishes. Let them cool in the refrigerator, and give them a dust of sprinkling just before serving them! I wrapped them with skull ribbon that I found at Paper Source so that the bottoms of the dishes wouldn’t fall off when someone picked them up. That wouldn’t be too cute..

DIY petri dish jell-o recipe

DIY petri dish jell-o recipe

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19 thoughts on “Eats // Petri Dish Jell-O

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  2. Jenny Regli

    If you put the sprinkles in right away before the jello sits they will melt to look like mold for Halloween! My 4th grade students loved it! Check out my website for a picture!

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  4. Susi Byram

    I just made these for my son’s birthday party. I used a Turkey vaster to fill the Petri dishes-it worked great! Thanks so much for sharing your idea😀

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