6 DIY Watercolor Sweets

DIY Watercolor Sweets — Try these 6 DIY watercolor sweets for a “wow!” dessert for your next party! Don’t worry, we have plenty more up our sleeves for the holidays!

6 DIY watercolor sweets we're loving - Sugar & Cloth

As you know, I’m all about some edible art. Nnothing is too pretty to stop me from eating a slice of cake, amen?!

We’ve got plenty of DIY watercolor sweets coming up for the holiday season. But one should never pass up the opportunity to celebrate a good watercolor series when they can…

DIY Watercolor Sweets

1 — These watercolor popsicles will fly out of the cooler at your next summer barbecue!

2 — So we all know abstract basically means impossible to mess up, so grab your paint brush and try our abstract watercolor cake!

3 — We had so much fun creating these floral watercolor macarons!

4 — These marshmallows are way too pretty to even think of roasting…

5 — Who else wants to spend their Saturday night attempting these watercolor cookies?

6 — And finally, here’s a satisfying (and legal) way to scratch your urge to graffiti something.

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  1. I finally found some time to read your blog, I follow you on instagram and obsess at all your wonderful and beautiful DIY’S. I have been wanting to paint my cakes since seeing your posts and finally I will and I think I plan to have a “paint a cake” girls nite!! you do a wonderful job!! this will be such a fun thing to do with my daughter who LOVES to help me bake.

  2. Thanks for including my watercolor pops, Ash! That abstract watercolor cake will always be one of my faves from you, by the way.