On The Move + The Weekly Edit

The day has finally come! Well sort of. We’re officially all packed up but still in our current townhouse! I realized toward the middle of the week that it wasn’t worth our losing our sanity to try and move into a major work in progress renovation (we’re still behind on some things!) on top of a week that consisted of Urgent Care, deadlines, and a teething toddler.

Plus we’re headed to Turks & Caicos for a friends/family vacation this coming Thursday, so we would’ve been moving in just to sleep and try and find our things for two days then fly out. Hence the coming to my senses on not pushing it with moving when the sanity odds weren’t adding up in our favor.

We also booked this trip back in January when we thought “Oh, we’ll for SURE be moved in well before then,” ha! The irony! On the brightside, we’ll be ready when we get back to get things moving.

For now, we can take a little stroll down renovation memory lane of our current house…

Big Reveal: We Finally Have Our Finished Living Room Makeover by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

Sugar & Cloth Casa: Our Kitchen Makeover Reveal! by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth #design #homedecor #interiors #kitchen #makeover

We seriously thought the kitchen renovation wouldn’t be completed until after Gwen’s arrival last year, but it miraculously finished in time!

With newborn life we spent a WHOLE lot of time camped out in our living room or our master bedroom making sense of day from night.

And then that extra bedroom became her nursery. And the house became where she said her first word and took her first step. Lots of first’s happened there. Sniff. Sniff.

Gwen's newborn photos, Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

My Recent Favorite Places to Shop For Baby Clothing & Keeping them Stain Free by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

We know there are many reasons as to why leaving was necessary, but the sentimental side in us is tearing up inside! New memories await us in the new house.

They’ll be lots of new design details from the new house in the upcoming weeks, but for now, happy Easter and enjoy our weekly links!


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  1. Your new house looks so beautiful! I love your photography as well; it’s positively glowing. May I ask what sort of camera/settings/filters you use?

  2. Gorgeous kitchen! Love how you’ve used the same color palette throughout so it all flows. The pops of color are brilliant!

  3. So pretty! Good luck on your move and have the best time on your trip. Turks is one of my favorite places!

    1. Thanks! We’re debating about taking them with us or leaving them behind to stage the house for the listing!

  4. Moving into a new house is never easy! It’s really sad yet exciting! A lot of mixed emotions! I’m so excited for your new house!