Real Moms in Our Mommy & Me Swimsuits for Olivia + Ocean!

We’re dying over all the photos you’ve shared of yourselves in our Mommy and Me swimsuits for Olivia + Ocean!

Motherhood definitely changes our bodies and can make us feel more self-conscious yet strangely empowered at the same time. Anyone else feel the same?!

Your boobs get flatter and/or droopier. I could basically give left and right directions with mine at this point. Suddenly your hips grow wider and some body parts, perfectly referred by Bridget Jones as “wobbly bits”, turn squishier.

This is why I really wanted to design something for “real” bodies and the Olivia + Ocean team embodies that sentiment perfectly.

Wobbly bits or not, I’ve actually been strutting this mom bod with pride! Don’t get me wrong, it took some time to get to that point. 

A lot of the confidence boosts have been cheers and positive vibes from other women. We’re all shapes and sizes, so thank you for sharing and spreading the body positivity love!

Plus, it also helps that Olivia + Ocean thoughtfully designs cuts and selects fabrics that provide the support you want, in all the right places. Why wasn’t a pretty nursing swimsuit when we had Gwen?!? 

That being said, it’s refreshing to finally see all your photos of our Mommy and Me swimsuits on real moms and even non-moms. Thank you to all you beautiful ladies, moms and daughters for sharing your looks.

Real Moms in Our Mommy & Me Swimsuits

Laura Gummerman in the Lady Bird Bikini Top and Bottom and her sweet daughter, Lola in the matching swimwear Beverly Bikini

No one said you couldn’t rock the Mom suits even if you don’t have a toddler in tow! Cassie from Hi Sugarplum is giving us real mom bod envy in her Ladybird color block bikini set!

THE Olivia of Olivia + Ocean herself and friends in their Malibu confetti one-pieces by The Ombre Gang. 

My sweet friend Lexy has possibly the sweetest and smartest girls I know! Vita is wearing her Beverly color block kids bikini, Mara is wearing the Laguna confetti one piece, and Lexy is wearing the Mom bod color block one piece

I may be biased thanks to her ultra-talented momma, Pizzazzerie, but isn’t this just the cutest Blakely in the south you’ve ever seen?! Love her in the Laguna confetti one piece!

If you don’t know Chelsea of Lovely Indeed, you need to go bookmark her site and Instagram ASAP! She’s my go-to for kids tips and all things colorful! 

Chelsea is wearing the ladybird color block bikini and her daughter Maggie is strutting the Malibu confetti one piece

This little cutie is the daughter of Beth of CK Hands and Homes in her Beverly kids color block bikini!

If you snagged one of our Olivia + Ocean swim designs, please tag us and use the hashtag #oliviaandoceanxsugarandcloth.

We always love seeing the collaboration out in the wild, and you can purchase the limited edition collection here!

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