Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Guy

gift guide - valentine's gift ideas for your guy - sugar and cloth

So you’ve got the V-day plans made, and you even remembered that one thing waaaaay back when they he probably forget he ever even mentioned he wanted, but you just need a little something extra to with it, right? Well we have you covered with these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your guy that he’ll love just as much. If not, don’t be mad at me, Jared approved them…

Also, I have to know, what’s the coolest thing you’ve ever planned for your guy?! I still pride myself on the time I surprised Jared with a stay in Austin and I had all his presents shipped there and put in place in advance. I’ve always just saved my energy for his birthday instead of Valentine’s Day, but I’m wondering what you all usually do!

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  1. You know, my domestic partner, who happens to be a woman, would actually like a lot of this. Just saying. But thanks anwayy.