DIY // No-Sew Polka Dot Infinity Scarf


DIY no sew polka dot infinity scarf It’s officially scarf weather. Even by Texas standards they’re welcomed with open arms instead of the judgmental stares from people that don’t share my fall weather love affair year-round. So, I thought I’d share my no-sew infinity scarf tutorial that I made for this craft wars post.


  • T-shirt (the larger the shirt, the bigger the scarf)
  • Foam pouncer
  • All-surface paint
  • Tape
  • Scissors

DIY no sew polka dot infinity scarf Lay your t-shirt flat, taping down the edges. Cut a line straight across just above the bottom hem and just below the sleeves or the armpit. This will form the actual scarf so try and make the cut edges as smooth as possible. A rotary cutter will give you the best result but it isn’t necessary.

Dip your pouncer in the paint color of your choice and start dotting.

DIY no sew polka dot infinity scarf Stamp your first row spaced however you’d like, then make the next row alternated from the first. Repeat this until one whole side of the scarf is patterned.
DIY no sew polka dot infinity scarf

You can wear it two ways, one long loop, or loop it around twice for a short, fuller scarf!

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57 thoughts on “DIY // No-Sew Polka Dot Infinity Scarf

    1. Refashion Tutorials

      Saw this over on Brit & Co and thought it was made from a tie. I like that it’s a t-shirt refashion much better. I have so many t-shirt scraps leftover from t-shirt refashions that this tute will come in handy.

  1. Erica

    This looks fabulous. I love that it is a no sew project. Although, one of these days I’m going to get myself a sewing machine.

    What paint did you use? I love the metallic in it.

  2. Susie Green

    I love how easy and beautiful this is! Think about all the different themed scarves you could make: hearts for Valentine’s Day; Shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day; etc. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  3. Kim

    What was the brand of t-shirt that you used? I do not own any t-shirts that I can do this to. Where can I buy this type of t-shirt? I don’t know where to find them for not too much money

  4. Elise Marley

    So cute! Do the edges come out a little jagged? If so, does it look ok when worn or can you see the jagged cut?


    1. Ashley Post author

      They do come out a little jagged if you don’t use a rotary cutter, but the cotton rolls the edges inward so you don’t notice either way :)

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  6. Amy

    I was wondering if you diluted your paint at all? I’m using the Martha Stewart Metallic Gold but it seems so thick and is taking a lot to make the dots look full. Just wondering :)

    1. Ashley Post author

      I left my paint as is. If you gently twist the pouncer in a back-and-forth circular motion, it will blend the paint without having to use too much. Hope this helps!

  7. jessica

    I tried this & it came out super cute! The only thing I would change is to place a towel or something between both layers because my paint bled onto the other side or be sure to buy a t-shirt that is made of thicker material. I’m going to try it again, now that I know!

  8. Steph

    Definitely going to try this soon! It’s still ‘summer’ here in Australia but right now I’m sitting on the lounge with a blanket wrapped around me because it’s so cold today!! I love the custom potential of this idea so thank you for the tutorial :)

  9. Mandi C

    I saw this on pinterest and thought, dang I’m gonna have to DIY that. Made my day to follow the link and find out already is! LOVE it girl. Did you use the Martha Steward paint? that color is perfection and I want the same one ;)

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  11. Alyssa B

    So cute! I was planning on making an infinity scarf this weekend, so perfect timing. I love your outfit at the end. The simple black and gold pallet looks very classy.

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  22. Patti Myers

    I love polka dots so I just have to try this! Just a question though. I assume you hem the raw edges and this fold them inside??

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