Our Wet Bar Makeover Before & After

Our Wet Bar Makeover — We’ve given our upstairs wet bar quite the makeover! This take on a modern home bar is easy to recreate and even more fun to style…

photo of our wet bar makeover reveal by sugar and cloth  

If we’ve learned nothing else from all of our house renovations, it’s that milking the makeover costs to get as many extra perks as possible along the way is worth it!

We partnered with Capital One and Walmart for our wet bar makeover and I am SO, excited with how it turned out!

You already know we’ve been shopping for a ton of home decor supplies lately, and the Capital One Walmart card gets you lots of rewards and shopping options. 

My personal favorite perk is that you get 5% back on Walmart.com Grocery Pickup and Deliveries  (because we all know I have an online and app shopping addiction, ha!).

That said, you know I’m not one turn down a good travel reward. You can redeem rewards for flights and hotels too. Not that I’m ever going to feel like leaving my house once it’s finished, but the perks are enticing!

Here’s the scoop on how we revamped our wet bar, the before-after photos, and room sources (for your Capital One card rewards, naturally)…

photo of a game room sink area

Our Wet Bar Makeover Details

You might be wondering why we focused on this space when we still have plenty of rooms to reveal.

The reason being is that it’s convenient having a small home bar with a refrigerator on the second floor near the bedrooms. Especially since we’ll be back to bottle life so soon!

Never underestimate the power of a sink with running water close by when you have a newborn and toddler running around.

We’re technically calling this a wet bar right off of our upstairs balcony/game room. To be honest, it’s mainly going to be used for storing drinks for guests and keeping bottles and apple sauce pouches cold. Ha!

before photo of our old wet bar area

This is what the previous space looked like when we first bought the house. You can see all of the before photos and first video walkthrough.

Needless to say, we had A LOT of renovating to do. That’s why we’re all about getting as much cashback and redeemable rewards perks on our renovation supply shopping as possible!

We had the floors replaced and the old wet bar ripped out at the very beginning of our renovations last November. This corner has just been sitting empty since…

photo of renovation progress

before and after view of our new wet bar design

We used this shaker base cabinet from Walmart along with this champagne bronze faucet and white sink insert. 

For the countertop, we used a leftover piece of porcelain from our master bathroom renovation ,which definitely helped us save.

The mint green fridge is from our old studio kitchenette, and I’m still obsessed with it!

You can earn 1% back on purchases with your Capital One x Walmart card anywhere where Mastercard is accepted, but this mint green fridge is a great affordable alternative. 

photo of a wet bar area right angle

The wall behind the wet bar is just “shiplap” made from leftover wood we had from replacing the baseboards.

We repurposed shelving and some decor items from our old house and mixed them with new. 

I’m personally obsessed with these scalloped napkins and from the Drew Barrymore collection! I combined them with a light wood vase to match our floors and this pink accessory set that I love. 

phoot of our smeg fridge in gameroom

Considering we still have two entirely untouched bathrooms to renovate and a slew of decorating to do, it’s safe to say aiming for cashback on this is a win. Ha!

What do you think of how our wet bar turned out?! You can see more of our house renovation posts here —

This post has been sponsored by Capital One & Walmart, but all opinions are my own and we’re happy to work with them since they’re a platform we use regularly! Sugar & Cloth has chosen to donate 5% of all sponsored campaigns to charity, which you can read more about right here.

Please note that we may earn a commission for some of the above affiliate links. However, products featured are independently selected and personally well-loved by us!

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    1. Thanks, Krissy! You know life is completely different when your wet bar holds applesauce instead of apple martinis, hah!