DIY Cat Trinket Dish

DIY Cat Trinket Dish — I’m totally letting my cat lover flag fly high with this DIY Cat Trinket Dish perfect for a handmade Christmas gift idea!

DIY cat trinket dish @purinaFF |

Well, today marks the day that we take our friendship to the next level. Because I’m totally about to let my cat lover flag fly high.

Not that it’s exactly been hidden all of these years, I mean, my cat Thomas was Mr. December last year for Kelly’s annual fundraising calendar. (Not to brag or anything).

Plus, let’s be honest, Taylor Swift is totally make cats cool again after that Diet Coke commercial, right?

Nonetheless, I decided to come up with handmade gift idea for your fellow cat lover loved ones with this DIY cat trinket dish.

This one’s for you, Mom! She’s actually allergic to cats, I just thought that’d make her proud…

DIY cat trinket dish @purinaFF |

Materials Needed To Make A DIY Cat Trinket Dish

DIY cat trinket dish @purinaFF |

How To Make A DIY Cat Trinket Dish

1 — Knead a fistful of the air dry clay in your hands until it softens a bit from the packaging.


2 — Next, roll out a piece of the clay that’s about a 1/2 inch thick and just big enough for your cat cookie cutter to have a small border around the edge of the metal.


3 — Press the cookie cutter firmly into the clay and give it a little wiggle while pressing to cut loose the edges.

Keep pressing the cutter down and use your other hand to tear away the excess clay from the shape.

4 — Leave the clay to dry for about eight hours while still sitting in the cutter.

5 — After it’s sat for a while, you’ll be able to gently push the shape out much easier and it will keep the nice, clean edges that are usually hard to get with handmade clay items.

6 — After it’s fully dried (about 72 hours, or until the clay turns off-white), you can use craft paint to paint it the color of your choice.

I chose to stick with white and gold (as is the Sugar & Cloth theme) and painted mine white.

Let it dry. And then, added little gold dots with a gold leaf pen.

DIY cat trinket dish @purinaFF |

Once it’s completely dry to the touch, wrap it and surprise your favorite cat lover with an inexpensive, handmade gift for Christmas sans the second grade skill level look!

DIY cat trinket dish @purinaFF |

So tell me, what’s the craziest animal related gift you’ve ever made for someone? This one should be interesting!


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5 thoughts on “DIY Cat Trinket Dish”

  1. Lovely! I’ve been meaning to start working with clay. I’d probably give it a little curve with my hand to keep things from falling off the dish, but this looks wonderful and super simple.

  2. I freakin’ love this, Ash. And I’m not even going to make a cat lady joke….because you’ve seen a photo of one of my cats wearing a hand crocheted hat. Haha. Does that count as a crazy animal gift?

    Seriously though, this trinket dish is awesome.

  3. cute, i have an allergic for cats as well myself, but living without them… wasn’t an option for me.
    So i had found out that some of them are given me less problems.
    this is a cute idea, and as well for people whom having a cat in their home living.:-D
    Thank you for the sharing and the tute;-D


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