28 Air Dry Clay Projects for Adults & Kids

Whether you’re looking for a DIY gift idea or just a fun project to keep you busy, these clever air dry clay projects are perfect for you.

best air dry clay projects for all ages

If you couldn’t tell already, we love air dry clay. It’s affordable and easy to work with, which is what we are totally all about.

And the biggest perk of air dry clay projects? It does not require a heat source. No kiln, no toaster oven, nada, so it’s the ideal material for all ages to handle!

There are also so many things that you can create with this versatile clay. Plant pots, mobiles, candle holders, and jewelry — the possibilities are endless.

What is Air Dry Clay?

Air dry clay is a popular alternative to traditional clay because it’s just as malleable but dries and hardens naturally.

Air dry clay is not to be confused with polymer clay. Both are similar. However, polymer clay needs heat to set, whereas air dry clay sets with air.

Most air dry clay hardens within a day at room temperature. It’s super simple to manipulate into any shape and form, so it’s perfect for beginners. Keep in mind that air dry clay is not waterproof or food safe. Therefore, it’s best for home decor or fashion craft projects.

Check out our favorite easy air dry clay projects below that make for great gift ideas or easy weekend activities!

Things to Make with Air Dry Clay

Planters, Bowls, and Containers

1 — Textured Succulent Planters

Textured Succulent Planters
Photo by Burkatron

House your plants in these DIY Mini Succulent Planters. All you need is a pen to achieve this whimsical pattern.

2 — Painted Mosaic Pinch Pots

Air dry clay treasure Jars and pots for the best air dry clay projects for kids and adults
Photo by Handmade Charlotte

House your most precious treasures in these whimsical air dry clay pinch pots. The beauty of these trinket holders are that they aren’t meant to look or be shaped perfect. So this makes for an ideal craft for kids.

3 — Pineapple Planter

Pineapple Planter
Photo by Lines Across

Plant enthusiasts will love this DIY Succulent Pineapple Planter.

If you’re throwing a tropical-themed party, this air dry clay project makes for a great party favor. You can also style it with a DIY Floral Pineapple Centerpiece.

4 — Clay Salt Spoons

How to make clay salt spoons
Photo by Gathered

What makes this air dry clay project so easy is that you’re using existing spoons as a mold for your clay salt spoons. Then, paint the measurement on the handle to label each one.

5 — Hanging Clay Planters

Hanging Clay Planters
Photo by Paper & Stitch

Gift your plant-loving friends with a DIY Hanging Clay Planter.

6 — Clay and Rope Pot

Clay and Rope Pot
Photo by Fall for DIY

We love how this DIY Clay and Rope Pot features different mediums and textiles of clay, rope, and thread.

7 — Pinch Pots

Pinch Pots
Photo by Think.Make.Share

Place an air plant or small jewelry in these cute DIY Pinch Pots. You can easily make them in 10 minutes, and they’re even colored with just permanent markers.

8 — Stamped Bowl

Stamped Bowl
Photo by Gathering Beauty

This DIY Stamped Bowl is a project for kids and adults. You simply just need a stamp pad and ink to create a pattern throughout your air dry clay.

9 — Clay Leaf Bowls

Clay Leaf Bowls
Photo by Urban Comfort

While on a nature walk, gather leaves of your choice to use them to make elegant Clay Leaf Bowls.

10 — DIY Cat Trinket Dish

DIY cat trinket dish @purinaFF | sugarandcloth.com
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Keep all your pretty little things on this DIY Cat Trinket Dish.

11 — Lacy Clay Containers

Lacy Clay Containers
Photo by Design Mom

Have a lace pattern that you love? This DIY Lacy Clay Containers tutorial shows you how easily you can imprint a lace design onto air dry clay.

12 — DIY Clay Decanter

A cute statement DIY clay decanter made from an old Patron bottle! - sugar and cloth - Best DIY blog 2015 - houston - ashley rose
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Your bar cart will never look prettier with a DIY Clay Decanter. All you need is an empty liquor bottle, air dry clay, cutters, and acrylic paint to recreate this beauty.

Things to Make with Air Dry Clay: Decor and Holders

13 — Clay Rainbow Decoration

Clay Rainbow Decoration
Photo by Paper & Stitch

There are many types of clay. There’s even terracotta air hardening clay that mimics the traditional terracotta clay. These Terracotta Clay Rainbow were originally made as DIY ornaments for the Christmas tree, but they also make for cute custom gift tags. And can you guess how they were colored? With nail polish!

14 — Clay Mushroom Decoration

Clay Mushroom Decoration
Photo by Paper & Stitch

These Clay Mushrooms are another great DIY Christmas decoration idea. And did you know that mushrooms are considered a symbol of good luck?

15 — Yarn & Clay Wall Hanging

Yarn & Clay Wall Hanging
Photo by Fall for DIY

There are so many fun shapes that you can roll out and create to make a DIY Yarn Art Wall Hanging. Finish the fringe theme in your home with a DIY Fringed Mirror Wall Hang and DIY Fringe Throw Pillow.

16 — DIY Brushstroke Coasters

DIY brushstroke coasters & how to style a table with paper plates | sugar & cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Keep your tabletop safe with these beautiful DIY Brushstroke Coasters. Make a set, tie a bow and gift them as a unique housewarming gift idea.

17 — Rainbow Photo Holder

Rainbow Photo Holder
Photo by Idle Hands Awake

Display those special memories in this whimsical DIY Clay Rainbow Photo Holder. Though this project utilizes oven-bake clay, you can easily turn this into an air dry clay craft. Just skip the oven.

18 — Speckled Clay Arch Photo/Card Holder

Speckled Clay Arch Photo/Card Holder
Photo by Fall for DIY

This DIY Speckled Clay Arch functions as a photo holder, card holder, or art decor. This speckled piece was actually a project constructed with leftover air clay. We love that it could also serve as a table place card holder or even a business card holder.

19 — Cactus Ring Holder

Cactus Ring Holder
Photo by Little Red Window

You don’t need crazy sculpting skills to make a DIY Cactus Ring Holder. This prickly air dry clay idea cleverly holds your rings.

20 — DIY Napkin Rings

DIY napkins rings and Thanksgiving tabletop | sugarandcloth.com
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

This DIY Napkin Rings tutorial is another project that uses leaves to achieve its look.

21 — Moon Phase Wall Mobile

Moon Phase Wall Mobile
Photo by The Merry Thought

Hang this DIY Moon Phase Wall Mobile on the wall or from the ceiling.

22 — Clay Candle Holders

Clay Candle Holders
Photo by Design Fixation

The base of these DIY Clay Candle Holders is constructed from air dry clay, while copper pipes hold the candle in place. Who would’ve thought that you could turn clay into a DIY candle holder idea?

23 — Clay Pendant Lamp

Clay Pendant Lamp
Photo by Brit+Co

Lighting is typically an expensive furniture and fixture purchase. But this DIY Clay Pendant Lamp doesn’t even come close to breaking the bank. To achieve its unique shape, an orange mini cone is used.

Things to Make with Air Dry Clay: Accessories and Keychains

24 — Faux Stone Bracelet

Faux Stone Bracelet
Photo by Sustain my Craft Habit

You may be wondering why this DIY Beach Pebble Bracelet doesn’t just use stones. Real stones are actually difficult to drill. But you can easily use air dry clay to copy this look for a boho-inspired jewelry piece.

25 — Essential Oil Necklace and Keychain

Essential Oil Necklace and Keychain
Photo by Hello Glow

Besides it smelling so good, there are many health benefits with essential oils. So this DIY Essential Oil Necklace and Keychain is not only an accessory but also works as a diffuser to wear and carry around. And if you have any leftover oils after this project, try your hand at a DIY essential oil candle or homemade reed diffuser.

26 — Feather Earrings

Feather Earrings
Photo by Little Red Window

Doll up your ears with a pair of DIY Feather Earrings. This easy clay idea for adults (and older kids) is surprisingly lightweight for your ears.

27 — Terracotta Earrings

Terracotta Earrings
Photo by Fall for DIY

From coiled studs, hoops, statement earrings, and long dangles, this DIY Terracotta Earrings tutorial shows you four different ways to make clay earrings depending on your style.

28 — Geometric Clay Earrings

Geometric Clay Earrings
Photo by Pop Shop America

Pick out any shape to make your own custom DIY Geometric Clay Earrings. After this, you’ll never want to buy store-bought jewelry again when it’s so easy to make at home.

More Easy DIYs

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