Ikea Besta Door Hack

An Ikea Besta door hack for a DIY Color Block Storage to add a pop of color while organizing (and hiding) all your arts and crafts, toys, supplies and more!

DIY color bestå block storage - sugar and cloth

Sometimes prop hoarding leads you to crazy things.

So this DIY Color Block Storage (that is an Ikea hack or you can use your own cabinets) was perfect timing and right up our alley!

Due to our prop hoarding capabilities, we’ve now successfully driven us to resort to more studio storage.

We love our wide open bright white studio space. But when we were building everything out, we really underestimated the power of being able to conceal junk behind closed doors.

All of this to say that desperation led to cuteness of our new DIY color block storage. At first, we had a bit of color shock considering that we are use to seeing everything white except for the kitchen.

But after being able to shove about three weeks worth of upcoming project materials into the cabinets, we’re officially on board with this easy Ikea Besta hack!

DIY color bestå block storage - sugar and cloth

Materials Needed to Make DIY Color Block Storage 

Ikea Besta cabinets, hinges and legs — Or you can use cabinets of your choice but just make sure they’re not high gloss!

Paint in the colors of your choice — We used Montana Gold spray paint for this project. Exact colors below.

Clear shellac finishing coat

DIY color block storage - sugar and cloth

Our Color Block Colors Used

Yes, it may be easier to simple roll and brush on paint. But you do get a smoother finish with the spray paint. So both types of paint mediums will work, depending on your preference. 

We used the following spray paint colors:

Montana Cans Gold Spray Paint in Classic Shrimp Pastel

Montana Cans Gold Spray Paint in Bazooka Joe

Montana Cans Gold Spray Paint in Yellow Submarine (MXG-G1210)

Montana Cans Gold Spray Paint in Scampi

Montana Cans Gold Spray Paint in Venice

Montana Cans Gold Spray Paint in Malachite Light (MXG-G612)


DIY bestå storage - sugar and cloth

How to Make a DIY Color Block Storage 

If you’re using the Ikea Besta cabinets, then we think you’ll find that painting each of the doors is easier than assembling the cabinets themselves.

In which case, you should on the easy side of this tutorial now, so good news! Before assembling the doors, you’ll use your paint color options to paint each door individually.

This took us about 3 coats with spray paint, plus a coat of clear shellac to seal them afterwards. It’s simple, but time consuming when you consider drying time.

We definitely wanted to add the clear shellac on top because of how often the doors would be used. Plus, the shellac makes it easy to wipe them down whenever needed.

Once everything is dry, attach the doors and you’re all set!

DIY color block bestå storage- sugar and cloth

 DIY color block storage - sugar and cloth

DIY color block storage - sugar and cloth

We also like the idea of just doing muted gradient colors, too. What do you all think?! Any ideas for doing this in your space?

DIY color block storage - sugar and cloth

Studio Sources

DIY color block storage - sugar and cloth

DIY color block storage - sugar and cloth

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22 thoughts on “Ikea Besta Door Hack”

    • Hi Shannon! Great question! We updated our post with all the exact colors. Most of them you can find them on Amazon right now. I few have sold out but the are also available about your local hardware and art stores. Hope this helps!

  1. Hi there, this looks fantastic!!

    I don’t see anywhere the name of the besta doors you used? Which ones are the least high gloss and most accepting of paint?


    • Hi Ro! The Ikea Besta cabinets should come with doors. We did not switch them out, even though there are non-Ikea options to replace the Besta. Hope this helps!

  2. Hi, there! I LOVE this project so much! I’m trying to look really hard, but the way the cabinets look in the photos, it looks like you have a cohesive top. Is there a seam where the different units meet, or did you add one long top? Thanks!

    • Hi, Emily! We actually used three different units :) If you look very close, you can see where they meet! Luckily, it wasn’t too obvious and the units look great all together.

  3. I love it! The color are great! I’ve always been afraid to spray paint or paint ikea cabinets b/c I though the paint not might adhere to some of their door fronts. But your cabinets look so good! Thank you for advising we stay away from painting high gloss cabinets. Do you have any other recommendations? Or Do you think paint will adhere well to all non-gloss cabinets? (sorry for the all capts)

    • Hi Courtney,

      The Besta system comes in components. If you take a picture to Ikea they’ll be able to help you find the individual pieces. Unfortunately, the don’t have links to them online. Hope this helps!

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  5. I love, I love, I love! I think the colours are great. I’m getting a shelving unit that may be cool to spray paint. :)


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