How to Make a DIY Painted Chair Makeover

Transform your boring furniture into works of art. Surprise your friends by giving them these kinds of DIY chair paint designs.

DIY patterned chair makeover - painted chairs

So I have had this Ikea chair forever. It was one of those things you have in your house, but you still forget you even own it because it’s literally just there, you know?

We had a ton of leftover fabric paint from the DIY workshop so I figured what the heck, I’ll paint it! At least, if this DIY painted chair makeover extravaganza went really south, I wouldn’t miss the chair. Ha!

Another thing, when life gives you super expensive chair legs that you love, you just have to make super simple DIY Metallic Gold Legs for yourself too!

I like how it turned out though! What do you all think? Don’t get me wrong.

I know the pattern is a little crazy, but would you ever paint a pattern on one of your old chairs? The good thing about the particular is that it doesn’t get super scratchy if you apply it lightly.

Here’s how I made mine…

chair with cactus - painted rocking chair ideas
chair with polka dots design - funky painted chairs

And here’s the beautiful before photo…

white chair - diy chair paint designs
paint used to color the chair - painted wooden chairs

Materials and Tools Needed to Make a DIY Painted Chair

painting the chair - painted chair ideas

How to Make a DIY Painted Chair

1 — First, I screw the peg legs off and spray paint them gold. let them dry and reattach them.

2 — Next, I removed the seat cushion, started painting the peach half circles on the cushion, and then painted the rest of the chair with the seat cushion removed.

This is so I could make it look like the pattern was all over (instead of weird breaks near the seam).

stamping golden circle on the chair - diy painted rocking chair ideas

3 — Once the peach pattern was painted and dried, I returned with the foam pouncer and antique gold to randomly make dots throughout and let them dry.

That’s about all she wrote though! It was really simple and I had it finished in just a couple of hours.

To make your chair even cozier, you can pair it with these DIY Tasseled Throw Pillows.

If I did it all over again, I would do more of a messy brush stroke as I did on this pillow.

chair with side table - wooden chair painting ideas
side view of the chair with the cactus - painting wooden chairs
angled photo of the chair - funky wooden chair painting ideas

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DIY patterned chair makeover | sugar & cloth

DIY Painted Chair

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This tutorial shows you how to use the power of paint to transform boring furniture into works of art. Surprise your friends by giving them these kinds of DIY chair paint designs.
Prep Time30 minutes
Total Time30 minutes
Course DIY
Category Home Decor


  • Foam brush
  • Foam pouncer 


  • 2 fabric paint in colors of your choice
  • 1 gold spray paint  optional for spraying the legs


  • Screw off the peg legs of your chair and spray paint them gold. Reattach them after they have dried.
  • Remove the seat cushion and start painting the peach half circles on the cushion. Then, paint the rest of the chair with the seat cushion removed.
  • Once the peach pattern paint is dry, use foam pouncer and antique gold paint to make dots randomly throughout the couch. Let dry.
Cost: $27
KEYWORD: diy chair paint designs

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  1. Love this! What is the texture of the painted area? I have a couple of chairs I intend to paint and want them to feel like fabric, not paint when they are done.

  2. lOVE IT!

  3. We have 2leather chairs like this. They are pale yellow. What kind d of paint would you use to paint leather?

  4. I LOVE this and REALLY want to give it a try. The colors and pattern you chose are A +++ ! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great idea! I’m going to buy me some fabric paint now :)
    I like the brush strokes you used here. It’s very “in” right now.5 stars

  6. I’m inspired! For almost a year now I’ve been looking at an ugly ottoman and wanting to paint it. You’ve made it look so easy, so I’m off to get the paint & embark on an unfamiliar painting journey!
    The fabric I’ll be painting on is a green & rust colored print. I want to use gray paint. Will it need to be dark to cover the fabric color? I guess what I’m asking is if the paint will cover the existing color?

  7. I’ll admit this probably isn’t a pattern I’d want for myself, but I *love* it nonetheless! Such a fun DIY.5 stars

  8. Not only does that chair look cozy, it also looks totally fashion forward! The mustard yellow is such a brilliant accent color and the polka dots would look awesome alongside a custom Felt Ball Rug!5 stars

  9. Ohhh myyy gawddd this is SO GOOD. Genius. I can only imagine the extreme fear/excitement before committing to that first brushstroke… it turned out beautifully!5 stars

  10. i have this exact same chair and its exactly erm, well mine still is! still just sitting there.
    i’ve wondered what to do with it afraid to act upon it in case i messed it up and then….here you come from the heavens and give me the most excellent idea ever!!!!

    I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!5 stars

  11. I think it turned out great! The brushstroke pattern would be great too – I love that you just tried something without knowing how it would turn out and it ended up great!

    -courtney5 stars

  12. This is amazing! I’m not a huge DIYer but your site has seriously been inspiring me lately. Thanks for all the great posts!5 stars

  13. Love this makeover…the chair looks way cuter now! I love the randomness of the pattern and your colour choices!5 stars