DIY Edible Gold Macarons

DIY Edible Gold Macarons — Dress up your macarons with our tutorial on how to make DIY Edible Gold Macarons! They’re definitely picturesque.

how to make edible gold macarons -

Depending on how you look at it, I could technically call these “no-bake edible gold leaf macarons” on account of the fact that I bought them instead of actually making them.

I needed something quick and cute to bring to a potluck party. If you know me, I still wanted to bring something one of a kind.

So your average macarons just weren’t going to cut it. And being in a time bind, I couldn’t (but would’ve) baked my own homemade macarons.

Luckily, a local bakery and kitchen store can change that around pretty quickly by combining edible gold leaf and the prettiest cookie on earth into one little handful of happiness with these DIY Edible Gold Macarons.

how to make edible gold macarons -


Ingredients And Tools Needed To DIY Edible Gold Macarons

  • Macarons
  • Edible gold leaf — I used two 4″x4″ sheets that I purchased at Sur La Table to decorate 12 cookies. Gold leaf sheets are also available online in different sizes and colors and even precut.
  • An unused food (or paint) brush
  • Sharp small knife

How To Make DIY Edible Gold Macarons

how to make edible gold leaf macarons

Edible gold leaf is SUPER fragile. If you breathe too hard, it seriously will fly away. So you’ll definitely need a delicate touch for this DIY.

However, all you have need to do is slice a bit of gold from your sheet.

Then, use the brush to place it randomly onto the macaron.

Tap it down gently to make it stay.

To really smooth out the edges, you can just use clean dry hands by tapping it down quickly.

Don’t touch the gold directly from the sheet (or any other surface) because it will stick to just about anything.

how to make edible gold macarons -

Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can finish the rest of the macarons.

I liked the worn look that placing the gold randomly gave, but you could also try stenciling!

And seriously, that’s all you need to do!

how to make edible gold macarons -

how to make edible gold macarons -

16 thoughts on “DIY Edible Gold Macarons”

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  4. I thought I’d graduate from cupcakes to French macarons, but I’m understanding that may be quite the leap! I may still try to bake from scratch. Love how pretty these are with a stroke of gold.

  5. Wow – I never knew there was such thing as edible gold leaf! It’s super expensive but sure makes for a great presentation…

  6. Let me share a story…watched a segment on TV with chefs trying their darnest to make macaroons during a cooking contest and out of 23, only 2 people were successful with the finished product. They must be very difficult to bake to perfection.

    Anyway, love your color choices, would be beautiful for Easter with the touch of gold!


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