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DIY Reclaimed Wood Folding Table (& win it!)


DIY reclaimed wood folding table | DIY reclaimed wood folding table |

photos by Jared Smith

In case you’ve never done an intense four hour Google search for “cute folding tables”, they practically don’t exist unless you’re spending big, big bucks. With the holidays, workshops, and all of the photo shoots going on at the studio all of the time, I was in serious need of a cool folding table that we could still tuck away when we didn’t need it. Since all we do around here is DIY anyway, it only stood to reason that we make our own, so we came up with this DIY reclaimed wood folding table using distressed white Stikwood.

I really love the way it came out and the not-so-coincidental fact that it makes one heck of a sweet background for photos. I mean, has a cake ever looked so good or what?! Did I also mention that you can win Stikwood to make your own, too? Oh, yes…

DIY reclaimed wood folding table |

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DIY Mini Wooden Christmas Trees


DIY wooden Christmas tree decor |   DIY wooden Christmas tree decor |

photos by Jared Smith

I’m sure a lot of you have already jumped on the Christmas decor train by now, especially after this crazy pom pom tree and this non-traditional cactus version, but just in case you haven’t I’m wrapping up our travel inspired holiday series for Princess Cruises with these DIY mini wooden Christmas trees (or mountains!)! Of all of the quirky ways we’ve come up with for celebrating the holidays on the go, these little guys are definitely a put-me-in-your-pocket-and-go type decor. Of course, a mantle will work too, whatever floats your snow globe!

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Brooklyn Thread Giveaway!


brooklyn thread giveaway brooklyn thread giveaway

In case you’re looking for the perfect gift for your bestie, we’re happy to help support the cause with a Brooklyn Thread giveaway! Or you can just keep the goodies for yourself as a reward for surviving some of the holiday madness and I’ll pinky swear not to judge you. If only you could’ve seen my luggage trying to bring back all of my LA goodies from the weekend, you’d really know I mean that.

One lucky Sugar & Cloth reader will win a rose quartz stone candle holder, a rose quartz wine stopper, and a pink agate stone trivet. You know what that means right? You’ll have the raddest bar cart around just in time for all of the parties, or the perfect place to stash your new trinkets and lotions on your console like I did.

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DIY Napkin rings and thanksgiving tabletop idea


DIY napkins rings and Thanksgiving tabletop | DIY napkins rings and Thanksgiving tabletop |

photos by Jared Smith

I have a little confession to make, I’m kind of a fan girl over Alana Jones Mann. It’s a love affair I’ve been meaning to tell you about since I met her at a blog conference last year and she handed me a business card that was a slice of cake made out of a makeup sponge. I practically asked her if we could be best friends right on the spot.

Somehow I convinced her almost a year later to help me create a Thanksgiving tabletop idea I’ve been dreaming up (since she is the queen of cupcake toppers, after all), and the end result is kind of blowing my mind! To bring a little extra handmade action to the table, I created DIY gold leaf napkin rings to go along with Alana’s edible DIY Thanksgiving dinner cake toppers…

DIY napkins rings and Thanksgiving tabletop | DIY napkins rings and Thanksgiving tabletop |

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