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DIY Pom Pom Wall Hang


DIY pom pom wall hang | sugar & cloth DIY pom pom wall hang | sugar & cloth

photos by Jared Smith

I’ve wanted one of the woven wall hangs that are popping up everywhere forever, but the honest truth is I can’t really swing purchasing wall art in that price range at the moment. I’m also 120% positive that I don’t have the attention span for learning how to weave one, so I decided to make my own version of a wooly (that’s a technical word right?) wall piece myself with this DIY pom pom wall hang.

Lucky for me I happen to be dating a guy that loves to help, and he reallllly loves to make pom poms (it’s true, he says it’s relaxing), so this turned out to be a not-so-time consuming project, but you can also purchase pre made poms on Etsy too! While you’re saving yourself all kinds of pom pom making time you can now be pondering what Jared is going to look like in thirty years with knitting gear in hand, cause clearly that’s where he’s headed (love you, babe!)…

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We’re Looking For Contributors!


sugar & cloth is looking for contributors!

We’re getting a bit busy for our little Houston team (and thankfully so!), so now we’re looking for contributors to collaborate with us to bring even more sweet recipes and DIY fun to our corner of the internet. If you’d like to be featured as a part of the Sugar & Cloth team, let us know!

We’re looking for contributors that want to create DIY’s, recipes, or product and trend round-ups for the blog. To apply, please email hello[at] with example images of your work, a link to your website and social media channels, why you’d be a great fit, if you’ve had any experience contributing in the past, and how many posts a month you could commit to. Please keep in mind we’re very picky about what gets shared on the blog, so having a strong S+C is a must!

In the meantime, we’re stilling cooking up ideas for you too, so check back tomorrow for a colorful post! Hint: it includes ice cream, mmm…

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DIY Gold Foil Brushstroke Pillow


DIY gold foil brushstroke pillow DIY gold foil brushstroke pillow

photos by Jared Smith

I plan to gold foil all of the things after making this DIY gold foil brushstroke pillow over on Designlovefest. If things going really well someone might even remake Diamonds Are Forever but with a gold lovers twist and then my life will be truly complete. Until then, you can keep busy with the full tutorial for this pretty little lady right here!

We’re still basking in the sun over here in Florida behind the scenes, so be sure to keep in touch with us via Insta beach photos for now!

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DIY Printable Fruit Wall Art


DIY printable fruit wall art | sugar & cloth DIY printable fruit wall art | sugar & cloth

As we’re adding the last few touches to the new studio, I knew I wanted to add a simple pop of color on the wall near the kitchenette area. It was a little too plain to leave it empty, but I wanted to keep it simple since the kitchen shelves already have so much going on with them. To create a little nod to kitchen ingredients and staying on trend with the busy patterns and colors that are popping up everywhere, I made this DIY printable fruit wall art.

I was able to create really fun and quirky fruit photos by scanning them with our new Sprout, which would have been nearly impossible (or super, super time consuming!) without it. Since I know not everyone has access to a Sprout we’ve created several different sized downloads for you to save and print to have one of your own! DIY printable fruit wall art | sugar & cloth

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