DIY Reclaimed Wood Folding Table

DIY Reclaimed Wood Folding Table — This DIY Reclaimed Wood Folding Table is definitely the answer to your cute extra seating options!

DIY reclaimed wood folding table |

In case, you’ve never done an intense four hour Google search for “cute folding tables”, they practically don’t exist unless you’re spending big big bucks.

With the holidays, workshops, and all of the photoshoots going on at the studio all of the time, I was in serious need of a cool folding table that we could still tuck away when we didn’t need it.

Since all we do around here is DIY anyway, it only stood to reason that we make our own. So we came up with this DIY Reclaimed Wood Folding Table using distressed white Stikwood.

DIY reclaimed wood folding table |

We’ve done so many projects with Stikwood, like creating a DIY Wooden Headboard or DIY statement wall.

I really love the way it came out and the not-so-coincidental fact that it makes one heck of a sweet background for photos.

I mean, has a cake ever looked so good or what?!

DIY reclaimed wood folding table |


DIY reclaimed wood folding table |

Materials Needed To Make A DIY Reclaimed Wood Folding Table

Pair of folding table legs

1 piece of 3/4 inch plywood by the table size of your choice — Ours was 24″ x 28″.


1 box of Stikwood in weathered white (treated with polyurethane)

1 box of Stikwood trim in weathered white (treated with polyurethane)

Dremel, rotary saw, or table saw


Measuring tape

Lightweight sandpaper

White spray paint for the legs — Optional

Black and white craft paint and paint brush — Optional

DIY reclaimed wood folding table |

How To Make A DIY Reclaimed Wood Folding Table

Before applying the adhesive Stikwood, you’ll obviously need a table to adhere it to (which luckily is the easiest part).

All you have to do is screw the folding table legs to the bottom of the 3/4 inch plywood on either side of the table and fold them out.

Because I wanted the legs to blend with the chairs and white studio, we spray painted the legs and bottom of the table white.

And then, let the legs dry.

DIY reclaimed wood folding table |


Once that’s complete, applying the Stikwood to the top. Start with the trim around the edges first.

Rather than making 45 degree cuts to fit the wood trim around the corners, we decided to do 90 degree cut outs for a more modern look.

DIY reclaimed wood folding table |

To do so, you’ll measure and mark where the trim overlaps in the corners and use a Dremel or rotary tool to cut out a small 1″ square for the second piece of trim to rest in.

You’ll do this all the way around the table for every edge.

Once you have the trim in place, lay the pieces of Stikwood onto the table (not peeling back the adhesive just yet) to see what layout you like best, being sure to alternate lengths for a mismatched placement of each board.

When you have them place at your desired location, measure and mark where to cut each board to fit within the border of the trim all the way around.

Start with one row, working your way across to the other side of the table, and making sure to place each piece of wood where it will go before peeling the adhesive back to make sure it fits properly.

 If not, make any necessary adjustments before adhering.

Once the Stikwood goes down, there’s no peeling it back off in one piece!

DIY reclaimed wood folding table |

DIY reclaimed wood folding table |

When everything fits into place properly, start from one side again and peel each adhesive backing off and then press it back down into place firmly.

You can sand down any rough cut edges or corners for a smooth surface, and touch up any exposure raw wood with a bit of black and white paint, dry brushed on to match the rest of the distressed white color.

It’s important that the Stikwood be coated with matte polyurethane in order to be resistant to liquids and heavy use over time.

If you didn’t purchase the Stikwood that was already coated with polyurethane before shipping, you can DIY that at home after you’ve assembled the DIY Reclaimed Wood Folding Table.

DIY reclaimed wood folding table |

DIY reclaimed wood folding table |

DIY reclaimed wood folding table |




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    • Hi Georgie! Totally understandable! You could always go a more budget friendly route with vinyl adhesives that recreate the reclaimed wood look!

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  3. You have NO idea how long I’ve been looking for a folding table to use as an extension for my regular dining table on the holidays when I have a CROWD for dinner! I just discovered your blog and am hooked! THANKS for such great ideas!

  4. That is absolutely true, I have never seen a cute folding table! Love the makeover you gave this one! It really turned out great!

  5. This is such a neat DIY! You are totally right that it’s hard to find a cute folding table… but THIS, you have hit the jackpot while creating this! Love it, Ashley.

  6. WOW! This is an insanely amazing DIY. Totally want to try it myself sometime. Also your blog looks amazing and I can’t wait to check out more of your content.


  7. Ahh that table is gorg!! So glad to have found your blog! I just did a giveaway with Stikwood and I’m so happy that they led me to you :) Excited to follow along!

  8. What a fab giveaway and a great table. I totally agree that it makes a perfect background for photos – lovely and neutral with some great texture.

  9. I love Stikwood! We are in the process of planning a wall with this stuff so this giveaway is hands down my favorite one this year!

  10. I’ve always wondered if this was possible without taking apart a premade table! Thank you so much! I want to host next thanksgiving and this will be perfect. I can make a table that fits my place perfectly. I would probably just go with stained plywood, unless I win this.


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