DIY // Scalloped Tablecloth


DIY scalloped tablecloth from a drop cloth! by Sugar & Cloth #letscelebrate #marthacelebrations

Remember my rant about all things scalloped (and the five scalloped pretties you wish you had) that I posted last week? Well, go ahead and add this DIY scalloped tablecloth version that I made for my Martha Stewart dinner party to your to-do list, too! What makes it even better is that it requires absolutely zero sewing and takes all of maybe 20 minutes from start to finish.


  • Canvas drop cloth or curtain panel
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Bowl
  • Tape (optional)

DIY scalloped tablecloth by Sugar & Cloth #letscelebrate

If your drop cloth or curtain panel is a bit bigger than the table you’re wanting to cover, just trim the edges a little bit to just a bit bigger than the size you’d like for the finished product to be.

Next, trace one half of your bowl onto the edge of your fabric, then repeat this on all of the sides. (You can also tape down the corners of your fabric so it doesn’t move while your trace around.) You can also fold the fabric in half before you trace, so that way when you cut along your outlines, you only have to trace and cut twice, once for the length and width of your tablecloth.

DIY scalloped tablecloth from a drop cloth! by Sugar & Cloth #letscelebrate #marthacelebrations

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