DIY Fresh Flower Love Sign

DIY Fresh Flower Love Sign — A DIY Fresh Flower Love Sign that’s perfect to celebrate a birthday, holiday, or a loved one! This signage is also something easy and fun to do with the kids!

DIY floral love sign |

As a child, I wish someone would’ve helped me out with some friendly advice in the handmade gift category with things like this DIY Floral Love Sign.

Instead, I gave my mom things like painted rocks and the wonderful surprise of cutting up beloved printed photos and putting them in a cut up teen magazine style collage that even obsessed Beiber lovers across the world couldn’t compete with.

(Sorry about that one, mom!)

All of this to say that even kids can get in on this inexpensive project with a little helping hand. And it’s a DIY gift that’s actually worth saving.

It also won’t cause tears of sadness from years of cut up family photos.

(Don’t judge me. That actually happened.)

DIY floral love sign |

Materials And Tools Needed To Make A DIY Fresh Flower Love Sign

Vine wrapped floral wire

Wire cutter

Floral scissors

Glue gun and hot glue

Fresh flowers of your choice

DIY floral love sign |

How To Make A DIY Fresh Flower Love Sign

This is where the kiddos will need help.

First, cut about three feet of wire off of the spool with the wire cutters.

Begin bending the wire letter by letter to form your word out of the same piece of wire so that it’s seamless.

DIY floral love sign |

As you go, put a dab of hot glue on the back of the letter joints to make sure the wire frame keeps its shape permanently.

DIY floral love sign |

Choose your florals that you’d like to use.

Hot glue the flowers onto the sign by with a dot of glue on the back.

DIY floral love sign |

I liked a minimal look for the number of flowers. But you can add as many as you’d like! I think it would be really fun to have the kids pick flowers and then get to attach them to the sign. Don’t you?

I even like the idea of making miniature versions to attach to gifts as name tags or wedding decor. Don’t forget to share the projects your making from Sugar & Cloth tutorials with #mysugarandcloth!

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  4. Hey Ashley, I love your blog and nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check out the nominees post at

  5. this is lovely, and adorable idea. I had to laught at the text about the normale crafts teenage kids will make.
    I’m not judging all of this neigther you. I only had to laught because my mom didn’t let us nearly by family pictures.
    there wheren many of them. All her children allwas forgot to tell at home that we had to take money with us for paying them.
    so we had never those class pictures, and it was for a long time those self made home movies that they made, with old meganics.
    So they are too ugly and not fun to watch by others, and not easely to use.LOL
    but i think this sing is for a lovely gift to received on any moment and event sad or happy.
    thank you very much for the sharing and the tute:-D

  6. Until you become a mom, one doesnt realize how much the homemade gifts mean to us. And yes, we keep all the cards and gifts in a memory box. This love sign brought a tear tp my eye… its so lovely and would make any mom feel special and appreciated.
    Thanks for taking the time to make several DIY projects to celebrate every mom. To be thought of is priceless to us!


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