An Ode To Macarons & Happy National Macaron Day!

While most people wouldn’t pride themselves on coloring cookies, I do. This is also coming from the girl that tried to sell colored rocks to neighbors pre-Kindergarten.

But the point here is that I at least own the crazy. Speaking of, there’s no better day to proclaim your macaron craziness than National Macaron Day.

To truly celebrate this ode to macarons, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite macaron DIY’s from the last few years so that we can bask in all of the food coloring, sugary goodness together.

So let’s take a walk down memory lane…

An Ode to Macarons by Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth, an award winning DIY, home decor, and recipe blog.

Gradient Message Macarons

Spell it out your love with gradient message macarons.


Cheeseburger Macarons

The tiniest burger macarons and sugar cookie fries you ever did see!


Veggie Kabob Macarons

The kind of veggies I always clean off my plate…


Boob Macarons

Boob macs, obviously! Never has there been a better cookie conversation starter…


Flamingo Macarons

These flamingo macarons are the way to my animal loving heart.


Marbled Macarons

We’re obsessed with marble, so these macs were an obvious next step.


Fruit Macarons

You know what they say about an apple (or any fruit macaron!) a day…


Potted Cactus Macarons

Potted cacti for those without a proper green thumb.


Marbled Macarons

Maybe my favorite macarons ever, floral macs for the win!


Drake On Cake Inspired Macarons

And lastly, I turned our birthday into a lifestyle with these Drake on cake inspired macarons. Why?

Because, why not?! What are your favorite DIY macarons to date?

Want to try to make your own macarons? Check out our easy how to make macarons guide with tips and tricks on perfecting this craft! 

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