Tips to Decorating a Green Bedroom

Our tips and tricks to decorating a green bedroom, how we designed ours and how you can too.

photo of how to decorate a green bedroom by Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

We’ve had our fair share of master bedroom remodels and updates.

From our cottage bedroom refresh, lakeside bedroom renovation to our townhome reveal, we’ve never not left a master bedroom untouched.

And why would we not? The bedroom is where you spend most of our day!

So it’s so important to have a decorated bedroom that you enjoy being in and want to go into at the end of the day. Making your bedroom beautiful is the ultimate form of self care.

photo of the bedroom before the green bedroom reveal by Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

The Before 

If you’re on a budget or want a quick makeover, the easiest solution is to change the bedroom color scheme. If you know us, our bedroom makeovers have always leaned towards pastels and pinks.

We’ve never gone dark, but there’s a first for everything (which is probably why we had so much fun decorating this particular one)!

Whenever you start renovations, people (including us) tend to focus first on the community spaces — the kitchen, the living room, the bathrooms, etc.

Then as parents, if there is even time and money, we tend to prioritize the kids’ rooms. The master bedroom becomes the afterthought.

And that’s what this bedroom was before — a hodge podge of decor items collected overtime without being a cohesive collection.

Our goal was create a “fancy grown up” bedroom, but one that was cozy and comfy. Thus, we decided on an emerald green bedroom, the color that symbolizes royalty, balance and harmony.

Because anyone who gets dibs on the master bedroom deserves the royal treatment!

photo of the before and after of an emerald green bedroom design by Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

The Emerald Green Bedroom Reveal

We wanted a moody and dark ambiance that was still light and airy for the sleep space.Sounds contradicting, right? It is possible to achieve both.

To do so, we focused on a green on green accent wall and curtains.

We subtly added pops of color with the decor like the muted rug and selected patterned Brooklinen bedding to break up the emerald. 

Touches of other green hues were added, but we selected lighter greens. To avoid going too dark, we placed additional lamps and candles against the emerald green backdrop.

photo of using Brooklinen bedding for decorating a green bedroom by Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

Choosing Our Brooklinen Bedding

When it came to choosing the bedding, we knew that it was something that we didn’t want to skimp out on. 

1/3 of your life is spent under sheets so don’t you want them to be insanely comfortable?

We wanted to feel like you were sleeping in a 5-star hotel… without the 5-star price tag, which is why we opted for Brooklinen.

Founded by a husband and wife duo, Brooklinen offers luxury home goods at affordable prices.

We actually fitted our own master bedroom with Brooklinen bedding so we knew that we wanted to do the same with this one.

We love that the pillowcases are envelope closure so that the pillow insert and tags are hidden.

how to decorate a green bedroom

Because the accent green wall and emerald green curtains were all matching, we purposely picked out bedding in different colors and patterns to avoid having a green monotone room.

With the Brooklinen Hardcore Bundle, you can build your own bedding set and mix and match the designs since all the styles complement each other.

So your sheets don’t have to match the duvet. There’s no limitation and you have all the freedom to style your bedroom.

Since the emerald green is already a “serious” deep bold color, we picked playful window pane patterned sheets and a pinstripe duvet.

By sticking with line designs, it still lent to the modern feel we were going for.

And don’t you hate when you change out your duvet covers and you can’t figure out which side is what?

The Brooklinen duvet covers feature “long side” and “short side” labels.

If you’ve never tried Brooklinen before, now is a great time to take advantage of their huge holiday sale. All Brooklinen items are 15% off with no order minimum (until 12/26/22).

photo of Emerald Green Bedroom Accessories by Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

Does the Color in Your Room Affect Your Mood?

Research has shown that color has a huge impact on your mood, which is why color is such a huge part of interior design. And why emerald green bedrooms are so popular.

Certain colors may evoke a different personal memory or personal reaction, but they tend to always trigger the same feeling.

Warm colors like yellow, orange and red promote energy. So these bright warm colors are typically used in communal areas and entertaining rooms.

For example, red is bold, makes a strong statement and is said to stimulate the appetite. Therefore, red is often incorporated in the living room and dining room.

Colors on the opposite side of the color wheel such as blues and greens promote calm and relaxing emotions. They’re usually seen in personal spaces and private sanctuaries like the bedroom, bathroom and even in the office.

decorating a green bedroom - how to create a green color scheme by Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

Creating a Green Color Scheme

There are so many shades of green. And although it is considered a cool color, certain shades can veer towards the warmer spectrum.

The warm greens like olive, chartreuse green, lime green and pistachio green can have yellow and brown undertones.

Whereas the cool toned greens like sage green, emerald green and seafoam green have blue undertones. Once you’ve found the perfect green, then you’ve got your color scheme!

Benefits of Having Green in Your Bedroom

Green is a soothing and tranquil hue that can have a quiet and restful effect. It is associated with nature and the outdoors.

It’s also said to evoke wellness and to be a natural stress relieving color.

And after a long day, you’ll probably want all those relaxing and calming feelings that you can get when winding down in the bedroom.

photo of incorporating plants into your bedroom by Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

What Other Colors Go Well When Decorating a Green Bedroom?

Because green is typically chosen to promote calmness, it’s best to stick with other cool colors like blue.

Pairing it with neutral colors like white (like the Brooklinen quilt) or beige (like with these rattan nightstands) balances it out.

So if you don’t want to go all out bold green, it still works well in a white bedroom. You can keep the white walls, and then green can just be your focal point color.

Or opt for our master bedroom idea of painting an emerald green accent wall with matching curtains for an added drama effect with the deep green.

Also, because green represents the outdoors, you can complement it with other nature-inspired tones seen outside like sky blue, light grays and vibrant yellows.

We switched out the upholstered bed with a wood bed frame to bring in the natural element. We also felt that a poster bed played into the regal effect of emerald green.

How to Naturally Incorporate Green in the Bedroom

The quickest and easiest way to naturally incorporate green into a bedroom is to decorate with unique houseplants in equally unique plant stands.

An added bonus is that plants also serve as natural air filters, relieve stress and are said to boost creativity. And if you really don’t have a green thumb, try a cute paper plant.

photo of decor ideas for an emerald green bedroom

Bedroom Sources

Luxe Sheets in Windowpane from Brooklinen

Luxe Pillowcases in Windowpane from Brooklinen

Luxe Hardcore Bundle Set from Brooklinen

Luxe Duvet Cover in Oxford Stripe from Brooklinen

Lightweight Quilt in Black Graham from Brooklinen

Leroy Four Poster Bed

Finnhomy Nightstand Cabinets

Ceramic lamp

Wood hanging planter


Malm Dresser

Majgull Blackout Curtains

Hepburn Fan

Beige Shaded Snowflakes Area Rug


photo of how to decorate a green bedroom by Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

More Bedroom Inspiration 

Looking for more ways to refresh your bedroom? For more ideas, check out some of our our renovations and a few of our favorites that we found —


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  1. I love the shade of green you picked out for the room! Would you happen to know which brand and name of it is? :)

    1. Hi Jessica! We actually went to Sherwin Williams to color match the paint. We wanted curtains that would blend in with the emerald wall, and it was easier to color match paint versus finding curtains to match a paint color exactly. The curtains are Ikea’s MAJGULL black-out curtains. We linked them in the post. They are labeled as Dark Turquoise but in person and even in the photos, they’re green. Hope this helps! XOXO