How to Make a DIY Ikea Hack Dresser and Prepping For Guests

Elevate your knowledge by learning the how-to for a DIY Ikea Dresser Hack and guest prep that will save you time! And get ready to make your guests feel at home.

DIY Ikea hack dresser and prepping for guests - Sugar & Cloth - DIY by Houston Blogger Ashley Rose #guestprep #DIY #ikeahack #hack #holidays #leather #dresser #homedecor #decor #diydecor

Sometimes I have lightbulb DIY moments and other times I just have to give a round of applause to some other DIY geniuses.

One of these moments is this leather dresser pull idea from Improvised Life.

We took the same concept and applied it to an Ikea dresser in our guest room.

Let’s be real.

Is this not the perfect $10 Ikea hack solution to make inexpensive furniture perfectly impressive for holiday guests?

I think so!

And the great thing about this hack is that it can be applied to any dresser brand or any furniture piece with cabinets.

We used the Ikea Malm Drawers. The line is very basic and simple, which allows for a nice blank canvas to apply your own touches.

We’ve hacked this dresser before by turning it into DIY Rattan Drawers.

DIY Ikea hack dresser
DIY Ikea hack dresser and prepping for guests- Stand Alone Mirror - Sugar & Cloth - DIY by Houston Blogger Ashley Rose #guestprep #DIY #ikeahack #hack #holidays #leather #dresser #homedecor #decor #diydecor

Materials Needed For A DIY Ikea Dresser Hack

Leather square

Gold nails

How To Hack A DIY Ikea Dresser

To make this version of pulls:

1 — Folded two-inch-wide strips of leather.

2. — Then, I nailed two gold nails to the top portion of the drawers.

DIY Ikea hack dresser and prepping for guests -Leather Pulls DIY - Sugar & Cloth - DIY by Houston Blogger Ashley Rose #guestprep #DIY #ikeahack #hack #holidays #leather #dresser #homedecor #decor #diydecor

Easy Guest Prep Tips

— In case you don’t have the space for guests to have their own separate dresser, you can always opt for this stand-alone floor-length mirror.

It includes hooks and racks to hang their clothes and accessories.

— Add a few extra tidbits like cookies. These are from The Cravory but who doesn’t love some warm homemade chocolate chip cookies?

We also left one of our favorite candles for guests to light up along with a few refreshments.

DIY Ikea hack dresser and prepping for guests - Sugar & Cloth- Full Length Mirror - DIY by Houston Blogger Ashley Rose #guestprep #DIY #ikeahack #hack #holidays #leather #dresser #homedecor #decor #diydecor
DIY Ikea hack dresser and prepping for guests - Sugar & Cloth - Guest Prep Tips - DIY by Houston Blogger Ashley Rose #guestprep #DIY #ikeahack #hack #holidays #leather #dresser #homedecor #decor #diydecor #instax

Another cute idea for making guests feel welcome is by leaving a polaroid mini camera for them to snap their favorite memories!

More Easy Ikea Hacks

Be sure to share your DIY Ikea Hack Dresser with us on Instagram using the hashtag #sugarandclothloves, so we can follow along, too! We always love seeing all of your creations!


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  2. loved this piece on ikea dressers. Considering getting one and this helped. I found some other info at for other DIY projects you may want to check out too. Thanks for this piece!

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  16. Love this idea! Im just wondering how long the pulls are? I want to do this to my Ikea malm dresser too and am wondering how much leather I will need. Thanks!

        • We would recommend 2 pieces. We used 12×12 for our 3-drawer dresser. There were scraps but it was ideal to give us room for any mistakes and to cut correctly. You could always try one first, especially since Amazon delivers so quickly!

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  25. Hi!
    I recently published a blogpost with 5 simple DIY-projects for my readers to try out. This DIY was one of the projects I mentioned. I hope you don’t mind that I borrowed one of the pictures in this post for my post? Ofcourse I gave you credits and a link to this post.

    Thank you for an inspiring IKEA-hack!

    Have a nice one!

  26. Prepping for the in-laws just got a whole lot cooler with this simple DIY ikea dresser hack and clever guest room ideas.

  27. I love your leather pulls. Now that it has been 9 months, how are they holding up to wear and tear? I am considering doing those on a little bigger dresser and make two per drawer. I am only concerned that the nails might give out from pulling. How’s your experience?

    • I would love to know too! I’m worried that the wood would crack if I nailed or drilled it, but I’ve seen so many hacks of other people doing similar things so maybe not! Also I’m worried the wear and tear might crack the wood as well. Please provide us updates if you can! Don’t want to ruin a new dresser for no reason :)

    • It depends on what type of leather you use. If you use something sturdy instead of a soft leather, it will hold up just as well as any pair of nice leather shoes do. Hope this helps! xo

  28. So beautiful! Thank you very much for sharing this, I have featured it on my blog and linked back here, hope that is okay!! I may be doing this in my own home shortly :)

  29. Love the leather pull. I would be careful where you leave the camera…you may end up with shots you weren’t expecting! ;)

  30. The leather looks great against the white unit. We have a couple of these drawers for the kids bedrooms – I may look at doing something similar in their rooms with webbing or strong fabric tape to coordinate with their colour schemes.

    Your room looks very inviting….I would be worried guests never want to leave!!

  31. Such a good idea. :) It would definitely come in handy for absent-minded *read: ditzy* people like myself. I’d go crazy trying to figure out how to open a drawer without visible handles.


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