Polka Dot DIY Jumbo Easter Egg Favors

These Polka Dot DIY Jumbo Easter Egg Favors are just for adults. Because who doesn’t love an inspirational quote and touch of gold?

jumbo DIY easter egg favors | sugarandcloth.com

Ohhh, how I love surprise favors! I’m kind of like a child deep down.

It’s not just because I’d rather have sugar before dinner. But because you’d actually find me hunting Easter eggs with the three year olds instead of hiding them with the adults.

The point I’m trying to make here is that you can high five the inner child of all of your guests on Easter Sunday (as seen in action here) by passing out these Polka Dot DIY Jumbo Egg Favors.

Fill them up with goodies and Easter gifts that even adults will be giddy over.

jumbo DIY easter egg favors | sugarandcloth.com

Materials and Tools Needed to Make DIY Easter Eggs

Jumbo plastic Easter eggs — We purchased  6″ assorted Rhode Island Novelty Easter eggs. You can purchase similar translucent ones here or a bright colorful set here. or a larger white set of eggs that would be easier to paint.

Matte spray paint for plastic surfaces — I used an all-in-one paint and primer spray paint.

Foam pouncers

Liquid gold leaf gilding

Tissue paper filler —  I used tissue paper fringe.

Egg stuffers and gifts — Candies of your choice. We gifted our guests with 5×7 art prints from Heather Francisco for Minted that fit like a glove inside!

jumbo DIY easter egg favors | sugarandcloth.com

How to Make Polka Dot DIY Jumbo Easter Egg Favors

1 — First, spray paint the plastic eggs the colors of your choice.

Break the eggs apart and painting each end separately to cover the inside and outside. This way the entire egg is the same even when it’s opened.

Allow the eggs to dry completely before putting them back together.

You can even mix and match colors like we did to create the color block look.

jumbo DIY easter egg favors | sugarandcloth.com

2 — Now use your foam pouncer and gold leafing to dab mini polka dots all around the egg.

Be careful to not touch freshly inked dots! These particular eggs have flat bottoms which makes it easy to stamping around them.

Let the gold leafing dry.

And then stuff them with filler, Easter candy and more!

jumbo DIY easter egg favors | sugarandcloth.com   

Sit them out in a cute pastel basket for guests to grab on their way home.

I’m soooo glad I convinced myself this mint green metal basket was a necessity when I was in Round Top last year, totally came in handy!

In case you missed our Easter dessert spread featuring these little jumbo guys, you can catch all of the details here!

jumbo DIY easter egg favors | sugarandcloth.com

Easter dessert table | sugarandcloth.com


photography by Kimberly Chau

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