Martini Fiero Recipe

The Martini Fiero is the perfect aperitif drink. When combined with tonic water, it is one of the easiest cocktails to make, perfect for a summer gathering around a table and good conversations.

martini rossi - a glass and bottle of martini fiero

The Martini Fiero is an Italian apéritif drink with a unique blend of white wine, citrus fruits, and floral and bittersweet zesty orange notes that make the perfect combo when mixed with tonic water.

An apéritif drink is a type of alcoholic drink usually served to stimulate the appetite before a meal. 

Martini Fiero is served during “Aperitivo” which is a delicious Mediterranean tradition you are going to love.

This extremely easy-to-make cocktail will transport you to the Mediterranean shores on a breezy summer day!

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martini and rossi fiero - a platter of fruits with a side bottle of martini fiero

What Exactly is “Aperitivo”?

Aperitivo is a lovely Mediterranean tradition, popular in Italy, Spain, and Greece.

Its roots consist of one of the main philosophical pillars of the Mediterranean diet, which is slow food and good conversations around a table.

Aperitivo is usually served before lunch or dinner. It features salty appetizers ( like cured meats), cheeses, olives, and almost any small finger food, alongside some drinks like vermouth, beer or wine.

More on how to create the perfect aperitivo table to go with this cocktail later on in this post!

fiero - ingredients to make the martini drink

Martini Fiero and Tonic are considered a perfect aperitivo cocktail since it’s not too sweet and has some tangy sourness. This contrast is perfect to prepare the appetite before the main meal.

Martini Fiero is a martini amaro-style liquor.

Amari is plural for Amaro and means bitter in Italian. They are a family of liquors that are mainly bitter and just a bit sweet.

They’re usually made with a base of wine and herbs and spices. One of the most popular ones is Campari or our Aperol Spritz Cocktail

Also, it has a lovely ruby red color. And when served in balloon glasses, it makes for a very luscious-looking cocktail. 

Prepare this Martini Fiero and Tonic alongside a lovely Mediterranean-inspired Aperitivo to entertain and amaze your guests at your next gathering with friends!

Also, did you know “Fiero” means proud? I’m sure you are going to feel very proud of your entertaining skills after preparing it too!

orange martini - oranges, bottle of martini fiero and a tonic water near a glass

Ingredients Needed to Make a Martini Fiero and Tonic Cocktail 

This is an extremely easy-to-make cocktail with no fancy equipment required and just a few ingredients needed:

Martini Fiero — You’ll need the authentic branded Martini Fiero one.

Tonic water

Orange — Cut-in wheels for garnish.

How to Make the Perfect Martini Fiero and Tonic

Step 1 – It is as simple as it sounds!

Step 2 – Prepare a balloon glass. (It’s ideal for this cocktail, but you can use the glass of your liking.)

Step 3 – Add plenty of ice (3/4 of the glass).

Step 4 – Pour equal parts of Martini Fiero and tonic.

Step 5 – And garnish the glass with a wheel of orange. 

martini wiki - tonic water being poured on a glass full of ice and a single slice of orange
martini and rossi on the rocks - martini being poured on the glass after the tonic water

Tips on How to Create the Perfect Aperitivo 

As I mentioned before, Aperitivo is a lovely tradition practiced in a lot of Mediterranean countries, like Italy, Spain, and Greece.

It is usually made before dinner or lunch. (Not every day for practical and time-wise purposes, but definitely enjoyed during weekends and special occasions.) 

It is a way to entertain your guests before having the main meal while it’s cooking.

In Italy, it is so popular that there are a lot of bars that serve after-work aperitivo hours so that you can have a drink, a chat, and some finger foods before heading home or to the restaurant. 

best martini fiero - a cup of martini fiero with a fruit platter

How to Create the Perfect Aperitivo to Go With Your Martini Fiero and Tonic Cocktail

This Martini Fiero and tonic is meant to be enjoyed slowly with some delicious small foods to go alongside a good conversation.

Go creative and put any small food, cold cut, or cheese of your liking. You can prepare a table with: 

Bruschetta — It’s an Italian aperitivo consisting of baguette-like bread and some cured meats on top or we have our version of 5-minute bruschetta.

Olives — Green or black both pair well.

Variety of cured meats or cold cuts —  Italian prosciutto or Spanish Jamón serrano, or any nice American cold cuts if you cannot find the Mediterranean ones

Cheeses — Parmesan cheese, Gouda, blue cheese, or even feta cheese

Vegetables — Veggies add some freshness such as a small dish of olive oil drizzled cherry tomatoes with dried oregano and sea salt, or some cucumber slices. 

Add a sweet note with some fresh grapes or figs to balance everything out — This is optional but adds a nice touch.

Pro tip: If you add figs, slice them in half and sprinkle some salt flakes on top for the ultimate flavor bomb. (Make sure you have ripe figs for the sweet and salty contrast.)

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best martini fiero - a cup of martini fiero with a fruit platter

Martini Fiero Recipe

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Martini Fiero and tonic is going to be your newest cocktail love! A ruby red cocktail with gorgeous floral and bittersweet notes that will transport you to the Mediterranean shores on a breezy summer day.
Prep Time5 minutes
Total Time5 minutes
Course Cocktails
Cuisine Italian


  • 3 fl oz Martini Fiero
  • 3 fl oz tonic water
  • Ice 
  • Orange wheels for garnish


Calories: 155kcal
Servings: 1
Calories: 155kcal


  • Serve this martini and tonic cocktail in a balloon glass or almost any other glass. It can also go very well on whisky or old fashion glasses, or even on a tall Collins glass. 
  • It is best served right after being made.
  • This cocktail it’s considered an aperitif so it goes best before meals.
  • You cannot substitute tonic water with club soda or any soda for that matter. Tonic water has a very unique flavor that is needed to balance the Martini Fiero. 


  • Fill a balloon glass with ice (around 3/4 of the glass).
  • Pour equal parts of Martini and tonic water.
  • Stir gently.
  • Garnish with a wheel of orange.
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