Lakeside Master Bathroom Design Ideas & Before Photos

After MUCH anticipation, I’m excited to finally share our master bathroom design ideas and before photos with you! Granted, we’re pretty much finished with this bathroom remodel by the time I’m sharing all of this with you but it’s a good testament to how many hurdles we’ve come across along the way.

When we bought our new house, the previous owner had the bathrooms listed as “remodeled” already. You can see in the photos below that they weren’t bad by any means, but definitely not our usual style like our previous master bathroom.

There were also TONS of hidden issues happening throughout the entire house, including the master bathroom. All of the galvanized plumbing and outdated electrical needed to be replaced, which cost a small fortune.

Thankfully our contracting team at Genesis CP hasn’t disowned us yet, ha!…

photo of our old shower before our bathroom remodel by sugar and cloth

Our Bathroom Remodel | Master Bathroom Design Ideas

You can also see in this before photo that there were old, red heat lamps in the ceiling and a makeshift door from the bathroom going into a guest room upstairs. There was definitely no reason for a pocket door to go from the master bath to a guest room, if you ask me!

When the owner “updated” the bathroom, they never changed out the previous spa tub that didn’t work and half of the new floor tiles were already loose. 

photo of our old vanity before our bathroom remodel by sugar and cloth

photo of our old double sink before our bathroom remodel by sugar and cloth

It also had the original 1970’s cabinetry and the inside of the cabinets definitely smelled that way!

At the end of the day, we decided to keep a good portion of the layout the same so that our money was spent on the interior design rather than rerouting to many key elements of plumbing or electrical. 

One of my top wishlist items was a statement floor, and I LOVED the Fireclay options. You can really mix and match to create a custom mosaic tile floor or accent walls. We combined their hexite tiles in three different colors — crater lake, caribbean blue, and morning thaw

Another priority for us aside from the general design ideas was to add more natural light. You can see from the doorway above that looks into the master bedroom that it was a pretty dreary space when the lights weren’t turned on. 

We opted for a set of statement skylights in the master bedroom so we kept the bathroom more minimal by adding two VELUX sun tunnel skylights instead

an illustrated photo of what the new master bathroom design ideas will look like by sugar and cloth

The sun tunnels allow natural light during the day but mimic the look of a recessed ceiling light. They come with a light kit built in to use them as a traditional light fixture at night. PLUS, they have a built-in night light option which is perfect for late-night bathroom trips!

Aside from closing off the strange door going to the guest bedroom, the rest of the bathroom floorplan stayed pretty much the same except for the design choices. 

We kept the walk-in shower in the same location but took down the strange pony wall and did floor to ceiling porcelain tile slabs for the shower walls. The shower door also got moved and we made the shower itself a bit bigger so it’s definitely not a small bathroom. 

an illustrated photo of what the new master bathroom design ideas for the vanity will look like by sugar and cloth

In true Ashley fashion, we stuck with the champagne bronze look throughout the bathroom with the Delta Faucet champagne bronze collection. Overall we chose —  Delta Trinsic single hole faucets for the double vanity, Delta Trinsic floor mount tub filler, and the Delta two-in-one showerhead and handheld system

There were certain things in the bathroom that I felt like I couldn’t really select just from online shopping. I mean, who can decide on a toilet or a bathtub from a digital photo and a link?! 

We visited the Ferguson Showrooms in Houston to be able to walk through and get a sense of style, price point, and overall size of certain items we wanted. 

I’ve always loved the freestanding tubs and we decided on a modern version with this Edinburgh tub with jet system. I debated on whether to install a pendant light over the tub but decided to keep it more minimal.

photo of a freestanding bathtub at ferguson showrooms by sugar and cloth

When we were at Ferguson, I fell in love with the led vanity mirror concept and decide to go with a round version for overtop of my future makeup counter. 

For our actual sink vanity, we chose this teak wood double vanity with the marble countertop option. I am in LOVE with it! It doesn’t come with drawers so we opted for medicine cabinet mirrors to store our smaller, everyday items. 

In between the medicine cabinets we have Hudson Valley Lighting boone wall sconces, which are the perfect tie in with our bronze water fixtures. 

photo of a mock bathroom vanity design at ferguson showroom

Since the flooring, bronze accents, and marble touches are all heavy statements, I’ve decided to keep white walls and make the space warmer with smaller accent decor. 

Just so we’re not a part of the decor when we’re showering in front of the picture window, I snagged wooden top-down, bottom-up shades from to tie in the teak in the vanity while we add privacy. 

It’s definitely a modern bathroom but still has cozy elements. I’m excited to share the final room reveal with you all shortly, so stay tuned! 

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  1. Thanks for the great tips! I love these after pictures. My sister bought a new home in the Ajax Paradise Developments community, and she says that she wants to remodel the bathroom there. I think she would love your wall pattern idea and all the color scheme that you used. Great job!

  2. We just redid our bathroom and it was the best decision ever. I can’t wait to see what yours turns out to look like.

  3. Maybe the guest room served as a nursery which would better explain creepy door lol. Otherwise excited to see the reveal!!