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sandwich version of fairy bread recipe

You know me well enough by now to know that I’m sold on anything named fairy bread. Admittedly, the name can however scare off husbands and teenagers, and by scare off I mean they may suffer a little hazing if they unpack fairy bread from their lunch. Every one else will love it though, including you since this is the easiest sandwhich ever.

american fairy bread recipe

The traditional fairy bread  recipe uses just butter and sprinkles, and as much as I love butter, I opt to make an actual sandwich with my sprinkles. To make my version, cut off the crust and the use a cookie cutter to get the shape you want. Then spread either peanut butter or nutella (with a dash of honey), and dust it with sprinkles. All done!

fairy bread recipe

Don’t you think this is such a cute way to surprise someone? You could even use them as finger foods for a party!

fairy bread recipe with sprinkles


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28 thoughts on “Eats // Fairy Bread

  1. Mariko

    I’ll be honest, I was always a little grossed out by the idea of fairy bread. But somehow by involving peanut butter you’ve made it totally palatable for me. Also, those cut-outs are insanely adorable.

  2. Sarah Elana

    This is super cute! I lived in Australia as an au pair for 6 months, and fairy bread is big over there. Once I got over what a weird combination it is, I grew to love it and I miss it now.

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  4. Dawn @cuter than gluten

    Cute. I love the colored sprinkles. Sometimes I make a sandwich with two different colored breads and cut the middle out with a symmetrical cookie cutter, then flip over the cut out and put it back in place. Nice blog…

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  7. Mae Badiyan

    Ok first of all, this is the cutest thing ever! Such a fun idea. And I’m so happy I found your blog!
    I’m visiting from Gaby’s and really loving every sing post I’ve seen so far! looking forward to following along with you! xx

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  9. Cathy

    This would be awesome with white frosting instead of peanut butter. My mom would put leftover frosting from a can on white bread when I was young. I love it! And with sprinkles? How great would that be!

  10. Tan

    Woah! Ashley!
    We had an Australian exchange teacher in grade 4 and he made us fairy bread with white frosting. I haven’t seen it or had it since!

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  12. Hollie Tagle

    Hello there, what a beautiful blog!

    I am currently writing a resource for Girls’ Brigade Leaders who work with pre-schoolers and I would love to include the instructions for making Fairy Bread. I just wanted to check with you first about copyright etc. Could you guide me with this?

    The Girls’ Brigade is a Christian Organisation, non-profit.

    Hope you have a lovely day,


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