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DIY no-sew floral apron gifts


DIY floral apron gifts | DIY floral apron gifts |

photos by Jared Smith

Now that the floral workshop is all wrapped up, I can finally share the DIY no sew apron gifts we made for all of the attendants as a thank you from Sugar & Cloth. We folded them up and used them as place cards for the girls to find their seats, and tucked the shears and little supplies inside. I reallllly loved how they turned out even if it did take quite a few hours and an extra hand or two (thank you Nancy and Aelish!) to help out with getting all twenty finished in time!

I think these would make the cutest thank you or Christmas gifts for florists, gardeners, or even the DIY lover (like myself, I have a black thumb – let’s be real) who can tuck tools in them just the same…

DIY floral apron gifts |

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DIY Printable Mod Lunch and Favor Bags (and things lately)


DIY mod patterned printable lunch and favor bags | DIY mod patterned printable lunch and favor bags |

I’ve been a little quiet on the DIY front lately, but with good reason! I’ve been working on some VERY serious crafting business behind the scenes that I’m hopefully going to get to show you soon. In the meantime, I teamed up with Victoria of Oh So Pretty to make these DIY printable lunch and favor bags with the cutest mod print of all time. You can see the full tutorial over on Julep here (for real this time!)!

To catch you up from behind the scenes, things have been pretty busy lately. Like, I may genuinely forget what day of the week it is kind of busy. I just finished up my first run of projects and articles for Food Network and now I’ve dived straight into floral workshop prep (that’s this Saturday, eep!), a room makeover, and getting the house all put together for Do-it-Yourself magazine to come photograph it next week. I’m so thrilled about all of the opportunities but also running off of caffeine. Thank goodness for iced chai lattes!

If you all are up to anything cool around the blogosphere be sure to leave a comment below so I can check things out too!

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DIY // Printable surprise lunch notecards


DIY printable surprise lunch notecards | DIY printable surprise lunch notecards |
Designs by Victoria of Oh So Pretty 

I know I’m a sucker for anything done out of love and a hint of a surprise, but really, how cute are these notecards that Victoria designed for surprise lunch notes?! I love them… and you… and everyone… so I’m happy to spread the surprise love with this these cute and easy DIY printable notecards for your kiddos and loved ones as the year starts back up.

In case you’re not quite to the stage of life that requires a packed lunches or soccer practice, we also have super cute desktop and mobile wallpapers for you! Don’t worry, I’m still in this category, too… unless my cat Thomas counts, which I don’t think so…

DIY printable surprise lunch notecards |

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A Sweet DIY Thank You (literally)


web (2 of 6) web (5 of 6)

Thanks so much to all of you have left feedback yesterday about hiring/finding resources for extra hands, it was really enlightening hearing from all your different perspectives! On the flip-side, I’ve also been working on new designs and little thank you’s to send out to the people who have collaborated with us in the past (and ones to come!).

Of course, it wouldn’t be the token Sugar & Cloth style if it wasn’t white and gold, with pops of color, and just a dash of sugar…

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