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A DIY Rooftop Watch Party


a DIY rooftop football watch party | a DIY rooftop football watch party |

photos by Aelish Wilmot

I’ve learned several things in my four years of living in Texas, and two of those things are: 1) always have a koozie with you at all times and 2) if you can’t beat em’, join em’ when it comes to football parties. I think I’ve been to more football watch parties in the last year and half than I have almost my entire life total, so basically what I’m saying is I’m a professional now, obviously.

Veteran or not, I teamed up with Smirnoff ICE to bring you my modern take on the traditional watch party, so naturally it had to be a rooftop shindig. Mostly because I’ve always wanted a reason to throw a rooftop party, but let’s stay focused…

a DIY rooftop football watch party | smirnoff20

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Chiquita Banana Last Minute DIY Costume Idea


last-minute costume idea, DIY chiquita banana last-minute costume idea, DIY chiquita banana

I accidentally stumbled on this Chiquita Banana inspired fruit headband idea when I was trying to come up with an easy craft idea for a Halloween party last month, and I kind of loved the way it turned out in practice runs so I decided to share it with you! And in case you’re the kind of gal that plans her Halloween costume the day something calls for one (like myself), this is the perfect last-minute costume idea for you! That is if you have small honeycomb tissue balls lying around your house anyways..

Also, I wish I could tell you this was not a natural pose for me to make while modeling my crafts, but I actually felt really at home with myself. I’m not sure what that says about me as a person, but mostly I’m just happy to have justified this unnecessary Anthropologie polka dot shirt purchase yet again.

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DIY Watercolor wall art


DIY watercolor wall art | DIY watercolor wall art |

photos by Kimberly Chau

When the studio tour came out I got a TON of reader questions about where the watercolor wall art above the couch was from. I definitely did not see that one coming seeing as how I seriously made that thing in 10 minutes flat as Kimberly was walking in to take photos of the space. Originally we had this DIY paper wall art on the wall there instead, but I decided it was a little too punchy and wanted a more muted focal point so I switched it out at the last second.

I’ve finally gotten around to fulfilling your requests for a how-to with this DIY watercolor wall art tutorial, and you might actually laugh at how easy this is to make, not even joking!

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A DIY Halloween floral centerpiece


DIY halloween floral centerpiece DIY halloween floral centerpiece

I never thought my dead plant skills were ever going to treat me this well, but I have to say I’ve never felt so proud of dead persimmons and brown flowers before. I couldn’t resist buying some of these crazy looking stems when we were at the market a few weeks ago and I liked the idea of tying in a white pumpkin to keep it a little bright and (sort of) cheery, but with just the right touch of eery for the perfect DIY Halloween floral centerpiece.

Plus I can almost guarantee you this will be one of the few times that you’ll feel honored when guests compliment you on a dead greenery..

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