DIY Conversation Heart Macarons (and video tutorial!)


DIY conversation heart macarons | sugar & cloth DIY conversation heart macarons | sugar & cloth

photos by Jared Smith, video by Kelly Christine

Well, my friends, today is a big day. Not just because gigantic DIY conversation hearts are now a thing, but also because I’m officially a YouTuber. Would’ve never seen that day coming three years ago, but alas, I’m now among the masses. Funny thing is I now have a new appreciation for the 12 year old superstar YouTubers that can actually work those video settings like a pro. I, on the other hand, had to watch a video on how to edit all of the random video codes so take it easy on me since I’m a beginner.

Now back to cookies! Since conversation hearts are kind of like the candy corn of Valentine’s Day (a staple that’s pretty to look at, but not so popular to eat), I decided to revolutionize them for the masses with giant, cookie versions. I mean, can that even go wrong?! It also helps that our studio is above a bakery that’s willing to make giant heart macarons for you on the fly (thanks Tout Suite!). You can click through to see the full tutorial AND video for these guys, right here…

DIY conversation heart macarons | sugar & cloth

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DIY Colorblocked Barn Door


DIY colorblocked barn door | DIY colorblocked barn door |

Okay, I’m going to attempt to make a very, very long story short here with this DIY. I had been imagining this awesome, mod sliding door for the new studio, and at first I was picturing it to be white with multi-colored brush strokes like my DIY watercolor cake. Then Jared convinced me that would be too intense and that I should go a different route, so then I was thinking about making it white with gold midcentury starbursts patterned all over, but then those got lost in the mail and finally arrived two weeks late and were NOT cute. I repeat, not cute (I can’t stand mismatched golds close together!). Alas, I went with an old favorite, colorblocking, to bring you this DIY colorblock barn door.

I tell you all of this just to reassure myself that I’ve not completely lost my mind in the middle of all of this renovating business, and I’m not-so-secretly hoping you’re going to tell me that you have all made a million and one changes to your home improvement strategies (and a million trips to Lowe’s) before you got to “the one”. Sheesh! A thousand hours on Pinterest couldn’t even have prepped me for that amount of on the spot decision making, my friends!

DIY colorblocked barn door |

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DIY Color Dipped Clothes Hangers


DIY color dipped clothes hangers | sugar & cloth DIY color dipped clothes hangers | sugar & cloth

photos by Jared Smith

With it being “winter” here in Houston for the last month and a half, I’ve finally decided to create a cute designated space for our coats and bags that isn’t the middle of the meeting table and every chair back in the room. We got this legit brass clothes hanger from Avelere that was begging me for a pop of color, so I came up with these DIY color dipped clothes hangers.

Yes, I know, you’re now all wondering why I would randomly have clothes hanging from our studio coat rack. Well my friends, I have to keep the mystery of the studio alive a little bit or you’ll have already seen everything by the time the studio launch party and tour rolls around! Plus a non-studioesque setting would be more relatable to most for everyday use anyways. Speaking of which, if you’re a household with lots of littles running around, color coded hangers might be the perfect weekend DIY for making everyone a designated foyer space!

DIY color dipped clothes hangers | sugar & cloth

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My Current Styling Wish List


my current styling wish list

You asked for more sources from the blog and other inspirations, so I’ve decided to start a new column of my favorite styling and craft items! As of approximately 7:30 pm last night, this is my current styling wish list. Now, I could totally go buck wild with this whole wish list thing, but I’m keeping it to minimum so there will plenty to go around every week.

First up, these ten items are some of the things you’ll see in the studio, plus a few extras that I would totally kill for! That gold rimmed ice bucket? I NEED!

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