3 Christmas Cocktails and Workshop Recap


serve mini Christmas cocktails serve mini Christmas cocktails

photos by Jared Smith, bottom three by Smilebooth

In case you couldn’t make it to our holiday cocktail and entertaining workshop a few weeks ago here in Houston, fret no more. I’ve got all of the entertaining details, christmas cocktails, and recap photos right here for you, plus, you can even download the printable cocktail menu I used for styling the bar cart!

Alba created the cocktails for the class using some of her favorite holiday go-to’s and a dash of the White Whale cocktail mixes. To bring it all together I styled a bar cart with some of my favorite vintage drink-ware and a few simple touches like the mini cocktail menu and easel so guests knew what they’d be sipping. For a less hands on approach, I recommended that hosts make batches of cocktails in advance with a cute pitcher, or even use mini bottles for guests to grab and go.  serve mini Christmas cocktails

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Snowball Float Recipe


snowball float recipe | sugarandcloth.com     snowball float recipe | sugarandcloth.com

The kids all love snowballs, the big kids at heart love snowballs, and now, here’s a snowball that everyone in between can love too (even if there’s no snow to be found): a perfectly wintery snowball float recipe! Let me just say that if you’re a sweets lover, then this has your name all over it. Honestly, how can you say no to a recipe with homemade vanilla soda you made on your own?

I’ve also decided that I’m officially SodaStream’s number one, self proclaimed spokesperson because I’m obsessed. I stopped drinking sodas almost four years ago and I reverted strictly to carbonated water since (coconut sparkling water is my jam!), and this is like heaven just opened up to give me all of the flavored sparkling water in the land… forever. Technically I haven’t run out of CO2 yet, but when that happens I’ll be sure to notify you of my mental breakdown. Until then, I have my machine sitting at the front of my kitchen cabinet so I can make drinks without even having to take it out. Don’t judge me…

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DIY Holiday card mobile


A DIY holiday card mobile | sugarandcloth.com A DIY holiday card mobile | sugarandcloth.com

We all know you have stacks of Christmas cards laying around by the time the middle of December rolls, and this DIY holiday card mobile is the perfect answer to that. Double bonus, it acts as a free cat toy, too! Just kidding…

You can see the full tutorial over on Julep, right here!

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4 Creative ways to display desserts


four creative ways to display desserts | sugarandcloth.com four creative ways to display desserts | sugarandcloth.com

photos by Jared Smith

To help you with the age old question of what the heck to do with all things sweet that doesn’t consist of devouring them in one bite, I teamed up with Shari’s Berries to bring you four creative ways to display desserts this holiday season. Surprisingly, there are no real DIY’s involved because you can literally just whip these up with things you already have or a quick trip to the craft store (or Amazon, in case you’re addicted like me)…

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