DIY Beach Macarons


DIY beach macarons | sugar & cloth DIY beach macarons | sugar & cloth

photos by Jared Smith

Every year I decide I’m super over summer right around the end of September (this is Texas after all), and then around the end of March and beginning of April I’m ready to carry a drink with an umbrella in it and sing about beaches and coconuts everywhere I go just to get my own personal sunshine rolling in. Clearly I live a very basic existence, but the point of this story is that the closest I’ll be to the beach until our next escape is with these DIY beach macarons.

I’m also currently obsessed with Gray Malin’s ariel seaside photographs (which I can also only dream of having), so I got a little frisky with the edible markers and tried some of my own aerial aerial seaside cookies…

DIY beach macarons | sugar & cloth

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