The Best DIY Projects of 2014


I just wanted to have a quick stroll down memory lane with you to cover our most popular (and some of my favorite) posts from the past year to compile a list of the best DIY projects from 2014. Looking back through a year’s worth of photos from blog projects makes me ALMOST as sentimental as a seventh grader signing all 12,000 of your middle school BFF’s yearbooks with the phrase “never change”. If I could only tell you how many times I’ve cried over dropped drill bits, melting popsicles, and spilled paint in the last 365 days… ironically some of them were probably hormone induced just like seventh grade. Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing some behind the scenes photos that never made it to the blog tomorrow, so stay tuned!

For now, here’s the tip top of the DIY list, starting with this reader favorite DIY Paper Wall Art project above…


This DIY Ikea Hack Stikwood Headboard from my bedroom makeover was actually the number one post EVER on the blog by leaps and bounds. You guys really do love home decor projects, huh?


One that definitely can’t be left out with Valentine’s Day coming up again soon, a DIY Wooden Polaroid Gift Set.


Want to hear a funny story about my DIY Summer Pom Pom Throw? I actually had to take my orange shorts of for part of the photoshoot in the studio because you could see straight through the throw. Minor details!


Another project that flew around the interwebs (and may also be my only claim to .5 seconds of internet fame), DIY Fruit Macarons.


One of the very first projects we made in the old Sugar & Cloth studio, which automatically makes it near and dear to me. – DIY Ikea Hack Bar Cart


And last, but not least, one of my personal favorites was this DIY Polka Dot Hat. I think I just really love the color combinations and the fact that it required pool time and summer drinks for the photo shoot. Can’t complain about that for a day’s work!

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  1. Love the DIY throw! Am gong to feature it on my DIY blog in “Best pom pom DIYs” :) Thanks for all your amazing inspiration :)


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