DIY Gilded Gemstone Popsicles

DIY Gilded Gemstone Popsicles — Who can really say no to a DIY Gilded Gemstone Popsicles? Get the food, craft, and DIY recipe here for the perfect summer treat…

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DIY gilded gemstone popsicles

I realize that technically lemonade and kool-aid popsicles don’t really go along with the ice cream theme we’ve been having this week.

But they’re gold and gemstone shaped so I’m going to over look it. I mean, who can really say no to a gilded gemstone popsicle?

Which brings me to next point, I had trouble with deciding whether or not this would be a recipe since it’s edible, or a DIY since it’s kind of crafty. Decisions, you know?

gilded gemstone popsicles |

gilded gemstone popsicles |

I went with DIY, but I’d like to hear your thoughts. (I sneakily tagged them in my food category too, though). Maybe a food craft section is in order?

Did I mention these were also ring pop style? Now all I need is my token side bang hair braid that my Mom always made me wear and a good Tamagatchi or twelve and I’ll be back in third grade business my friends!

gilded gemstone popsicles |

gilded gemstone popsicles |

Materials Needed To Make DIY Gilded Gemstone Popsicles

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How To Make Homemade Popsicles 

Obviously before you get to the point of making any DIY Gilded Gemstone Popsicles, you actually have to make popsicles.

The gemstone molds I bought came with a recipe book. But I skipped the fancy ones and just made simple lemonade and kool-aid flavors. Then, I added one or two drops of food coloring to the light lemonade ones.

I also tried adding gold sprinkles to the mix on some of them to give them more texture, and though it works, it also makes the popsicles fall a part a lot quicker so just keep that in mind!

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How To Make DIY Gilded Gemstone Popsicles

Once your popsicles are ready, use a dedicated food brush to brush on the edible gold leaf in small sections.

When you’re done applying the gold to one popsicle, immediately place it back in the freezer until the rest are complete and ready to serve.

Be sure not to lay the pops flat on their sides when you put them back in the freezer. Either put them back in the molds or store them upright in a bowl of crushed iced so that they keep their shape.

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I learned that the hard way after a gemstone pop casualty or two got crushed. But now that I’ve realized that a bed of ice is for more than just oysters, I may never go back to serving popsicles from plastic wrap again.

If you do have some popsicle casualties that lose it’s shape, definitely so the crushed ice to serve your other popsicles on. I think it looks super awesome on ice!

This is a delicate DIY so I recommended making extras.

gilded gemstone popsicles | sugarandcloth.comgilded gemstone popsicles |

And lastly, they’re even pretty when they melt. I swear I might actually get one of the thousand melting popsicle photos we took printed. I love the way it looks!



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  4. Ahh! These are by far the coolest popsicles ever. Now I just need to get me some gold leaf and a gemstone mold. Thanks so much for sharing!

    <3 Morgan

  5. this is an incredible idea! they are almost too beautiful to eat.. i think you’ve stumbled onto something great here.


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