DIY poolside pattern kimonos


DIY poolside pattern kimonos - sugar & cloth DIY poolside pattern kimonos - sugar & cloth

After being on the hunt for the perfect kimono that didn’t have fringe longer than my entire body, or overly weird florals from top to bottom (says the girls wearing a 90’s leaf print above. Oh, the irony…), I have finally decided to make my own.

To start, I needed the actually kimono itself, which I found in the form of what Amazon calls a “sheer cardigan”. No clue why, considering it has no buttons or closures, is knee length, and is almost totally sheer. Alas, I refuse to bite the hand that feeds my Amazon Prime addiction, so I’ll let them call it whatever they want. Around here though, we’re going to call it a DIY poolside pattern kimono, okay?

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