Pattern Play: Dotted Thai Fruit Cocktail Recipe


patter play cocktails - sugar and cloth patter play cocktails - sugar and cloth

So I’ve been scheming up the idea of a new cocktail series based around patterns, and because Robin from Double Trouble and I happen to be a very similar kind of weird, she knew just what I meant by this! Together we schemed up some cool drinks based on patterns I loved, then I designed the backgrounds to match just so, and got them printed as big as possible. As such, my new Pattern Play cocktail series was born, and I think you’ll love the first few we have coming! First up: this dotted thai fruit cocktail.

Admittedly, it’s a bit involved to make, but it’s super tasty. And did I mention it looks freaking cool as all get out?! I mean, clearly that’s what I’m here for…

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