6 Things I’ve Learned About Sleep As An Adult


6 Things I've Learned About Sleep as an Adult - Sugar & Cloth 6 Things I've Learned About Sleep as an Adult - Sugar & Cloth

photos by Jared Smith

It’s a funny thing when you realize you’re not perpetually young anymore, isn’t it? I feel like for the first 25 years of my life I was pretty invincible when it came to burning the candle at both ends of the stick, pulling all-nighters, and drinking caffeine past 5pm, but now that I’ll be turning 28 this year, it’s a WHOLE new ball game. I don’t feel old by ANY means, and I’m not one of those people that’s stuck on numbers (*yet, that may change for all I know), but I can absolutely feel certain differences of my age. Specifically, these are 6 things I’ve learned about sleep as an adult. We’ll talk about my twenty-something stray hair graying on a different occasion once I’ve had a cocktail or two..

First things first, a cheap mattress no longer counts. I’m a pretty heavy sleeper and probably could’ve set up shop on a solid rock and been okay until these last few years. I recently realized I was living like a college kid on a cheap mattress that I bought on Craigslist (it was still new, I’m not that crazy, though I do have my Craigslist tendencies) for all too many years.

For some reason I was always under the impression buying a mattress was inevitably stupid expensive and you had to own a truck (don’t judge me on this one), but after my Dad bought me a memory foam pillow for Christmas last year, I recently switched to a memory foam mattress from Leesa (this isn’t an affiliate link, it just has our special code for $75 off in you want to try it out, too! No harm if you don’t like it as much as us, it’s got a 100 night trial –also with free returns– just in case). The Leesa gets delivered to you with free shipping in a small(ish) box, which my truck-owning brother was very thankful for, haha!

6 Things I've Learned About Sleep as an Adult - Sugar & Cloth 6 Things I've Learned About Sleep as an Adult - Sugar & Cloth

All you do is unbox it, roll it out on the bed frame, and let it fluff. You can also use it as a built-in cat gym. I kid, I kid. This is just Thomas’s house and we just sleep in it, so he does what he wants.

Now, here are the rest of my learned rules for restful sleep.. Read More

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