DIY Reclaimed Wood Folding Table (& win it!)


DIY reclaimed wood folding table | DIY reclaimed wood folding table |

photos by Jared Smith

In case you’ve never done an intense four hour Google search for “cute folding tables”, they practically don’t exist unless you’re spending big, big bucks. With the holidays, workshops, and all of the photo shoots going on at the studio all of the time, I was in serious need of a cool folding table that we could still tuck away when we didn’t need it. Since all we do around here is DIY anyway, it only stood to reason that we make our own, so we came up with this DIY reclaimed wood folding table using distressed white Stikwood.

I really love the way it came out and the not-so-coincidental fact that it makes one heck of a sweet background for photos. I mean, has a cake ever looked so good or what?! Did I also mention that you can win Stikwood to make your own, too? Oh, yes…

DIY reclaimed wood folding table |

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DIY santa footprints


DIY santa footprints | DIY santa footprints |

photos by Jared Smith

Not that I’m into deceiving the of the nations or anything, but I figure if we’re going to convince them that Santa is real we might at as go big or go home. Alas, these DIY santa footprints will surely freak them out about the idea of the north pole (especially if your in climates where no snow is in sight).

The good news is eventually they’ll realize so we’re not terrible people after all, and secondly, you can make these footprints in approximately 15 minutes, give or take your perfectionist tendencies…

DIY santa footprints |

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A gift guide for the traveler


I’ve been home all of three weeks straight and I’m already itching for a new travel adventure (yes, even after my mellow dramatic explanation of this before my first cruise with Princess Cruises), so I figured I’d help with my current staying-in-one-place blues with a quick gift guide for the traveler at heart. Do you guys have any travel must haves? This isn’t exactly my must-have list as much as it is most-want, but hey! But how seriously cute is this luggage, though?!

a gift guide for the traveler |

rose gold watch for staying on time // the travel wallet for staying organized // marked clutch for an easy to pack night time accessory // piano man umbrella just to be prepared // leather laptop bag for working on the go // dotted back up phone charger for staying connected // dotted ear buddies for drowning out the plane noise // retro hardshell spinner luggage for justifiably cute and sensible packing

This post is made in partnership with Princess Cruises. Thanks for supporting the brands we love that allow us to bring you bigger and better content!
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DIY Gift Wrap Ornaments for Anthropologie!


DIY gift wrap ornaments for Anthropologie | DIY gift wrap ornaments for Anthropologie |

photos by Jared Smith

The week before Christmas usually consists of a few key things: A) you’re officially eating all of the sugary food you want by now, and B) the gift wrap scraps are a flying as you scramble to wrap those last minute presents. Of course, I wouldn’t be your friendly DIY resource if I didn’t give you a good excuse to repurpose those pretty, watercolor paper scraps to get every last dime worth, so I’m sharing a quick project over on the Anthropologie blog for these DIY gift wrap ornaments!

Click here to see the full tutorial….

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