My Tips for Keeping Semi Active and Healthy (ish)


My tips for staying semi active and healthy (ish) - Sugar and Cloth

photos by Jared Smith

I am by NO means a fitness guru. I even added the “semi” and “ish” to this post title to reiterate that I’m not one of those people that spends a lot of time each week slaving in the gym (clearly, ha!), or skipping out on dessert or brunch dates to stick to a die hard diet. That said, I also wasn’t blessed with a naturally fast metabolism either (it’s cool Mom and Dad, I’m totally not super, duper bitter…still), so to help keep things in moderation, I’m sharing my tips for keeping semi active and healthy.

Since I don’t have designated times or days for working out, I try to keep moving throughout the week with little measures here and there. I’m not sure how many of you use Jawbone or a fitness tracker, but since I spend A LOT of time on the computer writing posts and returning emails, it’s been a saving grace at keeping me motivated to get up and take walking breaks. If you do have a Jawbone, be sure to link up with me so we can be teammates!…

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