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DIY // Geometric Place Card Holders


DIY geometric place card holders

DIY geometric place card holders

I really love all of the geometric shapes that are popular right now, but I wanted a way to use them that isn’t totally over done. Initially I thought of making geo planters, but somehow I settled on place card holders (I think it was sheer laziness, but don’t tell). I’m also still into the whole dipped trend too, I don’t know if that qualifies me as obsessive or not, but I combined the two anyways! Here’s how you can make your own with oven-bake clay and a little paint (or if you’re feeling lazy too, you can just buy mine)–


  • Oven-bake clay
  • Clay knife/exacto knife
  • Wax paper
  • Paint color of choice
  • Wet/dry sandpaper (optional)
1 | Form the clay into smooth equally sized balls for the number of holders you need. I made mine about two inches in size.
2 | Use a smooth edged knife to randomly cut sections/facets from the ball of clay.
3 | Bake the geos according to your specific clay instructions.
4| If you’re kind of a perfectionist, you can use wet/dry sandpaper to smooth the sides (I use water to keep the dust down). Then dip the bottoms in all-purpose paint and let them dry!
I’m totally in love with the mint and gold color combo right now! What do you think, is this a project you would try? The possibilities are endless really: earrings, necklaces, place card holders, planters, general decor…


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Where there’s a will, there’s a way


open your eyes to Alt

You may or may not know that I started this blog a year ago with little to zero idea of how the whole blogging world worked. Everything that I’ve done well (or failed at miserably) so far has been by a pretty steep learning curve. During the summer I happened to come across Alt Design Summit through following Hank + Hunt, and it’s like I’ve had an entire vat of knowledge delivered to my virtual doorstep! Literally. I can’t believe I’ve been missing out for this long! You can find out what to do when you feel like your mom is the only one reading your blog (hey, mom!), how to start working with advertisers, and the importance of keeping the community alive.

Not only can you take classes online & attend their conferences (like where Martha Stewart showed up, ah!), but they have some of the top bloggers post tips and info on the Alt blog which is available to everyone. Needless to say, I realllllyy wish I could have snagged a ticket to the conference, but now they’re giving one away! I feel like I’m trying to win a visit Willy Wonka or something! Anyhow, what are some of the things you’ve learned along the way from blogging, or what do you love most when reading other blogs? I’m learning to love getting more involved with readers and other bloggers instead of having tunnel vision glasses on constantly.

photo via // design by S+C


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sugar and cloth personal business card design

I’m almost too embarrassed to say that I got new business cards, again. I feel like I’ve shown you a lot of new promo material lately, but I really needed personal business cards. You know, the kind that people read and then actually know what name to call you besides just “Sugar & Cloth”. Let’s be honest, being called Sugar & Cloth randomly out of context kind of sounds like it could be a stripper name.

This time around I asked Mike from Eat Sleep Ride Print to help me bust out some last minute cards, and I’m totally in love with them! They are letterpressed on both sides and are much more gender neutral than my previous design, not to mention they were a total hit at the blog conference this past weekend!

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