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Our holiday postcards… Oh, and the giveaway winners!


twine wrapped Rifle Paper Co. postcards twine wrapped Rifle Paper Co. postcards

I can’t help but show you my ridiculously cute Rifle Paper Co. Christmas postcards. Mostly I’m just proud about the fact that I’m getting around to sending anything out at all, but then when you add red and white twine on top of it, I’m about as proud as Buddy the Elf after spreading Christmas cheer.

On a more relevant note (that you’ve all been waiting for), I’m excited to announce the winners that were randomly drawn for the Potter + Butler and Jelanie giveaways! Drum roll please:

winners of the potter and butler and jelanie giveaways

Go ahead and clear your inboxes, Holly and Eleonora, we’ll be in touch with info on your gifts! For those of you that didn’t win, don’t fret, you can enter plenty more giveaways (14 to be exact) on 24 Merry Days. Thanks for all of your enthusiasm and to our awesome sponsors!

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Use Your Influence: Pay It Forward Challenge


be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

From bloggers to readers, and everyone in between, we all have a much greater influence on people than we realize. Someone, somewhere looks up to the decisions we make as well as the products and ideas we promote and stand for. It’s loads of fun sharing projects and ideas with you everyday, but today I want to challenge you to use your influence for something bigger… I want to challenge you to give selflessly this month.

It’s one thing to give gifts to people we love and care about, but giving to complete strangers is a little more difficult. Can you imagine how many people would have their entire day changed by walking out to their car to see a gift card on their window from a complete stranger? Or by paying for someone behind you in line, maybe even just leaving a generous tip and note to “pay it forward”? Out of the thousands of Sugar & Cloth readers, if we each participated in just one random act of kindness this Christmas, and influenced those around us to do so as well, that would be a lot of lives impacted!

pay it forward challenged: Be featured on Sugar & Cloth

To encourage you to participate and help influence the people around you to take part, share your random acts of kindness with me on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #payitforwardchallenge. I’ll feature 5 ideas and readers (or more!) on my blog each week for the rest of the month. Together we can make a big impact, are you willing?

random act of kindness

pink smoke image, designs by Sugar & Cloth

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Creative Giving Ideas to DIY Instead of Buy


Once upon a time I made my dad a patchwork magnet that was supposed to look like him driving his truck… it turned out about as well as you just imagined, or worse. Of course he still used the magnet on account of the fact that I made it, but I’d like to think that my taste in handmade gifts has improved since then. So, I put together a list of some of my favorite DIY projects to get you inspired to create rather than buy this year.

over 10 different creative giving DIY projects

1 leather pouch by Sugar & Cloth for Poppytalk // 2 makeup utensil holder by House of Earnest // 3 postage stamp coasters on Design*Sponge // 4 ethnic wrap clutch by Swell Mayde // 5 stitched and patterned shower curtain on Design Love Fest // 6 custom stamped leather tie clips by Lovely Indeed // 7 unisex chef’s apron by The Purl Bee // 8 cutting board by Oh Happy Day // 9 secret family recipes book on Real Simple // 10 monogram marquee letter by Sugar & Cloth for Grey Likes Nesting // 11 printable elixir bottle labels by Eat Drink Chic  // 12 vintage tin candles on Design*Sponge // 13 morning, noon, and night salt scrubs on Real Simple

In case you need a few more ideas, you can catch last year’s top 12 list, here.

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DIY Hostess Gifts

DIY hostess gift ideas

I already went on a tangent about being generous with hostess gifts in this post, so I’ll spare you my second speech on that. Instead, I decided I’d arm you with a few more DIY hostess gift ideas to pick from in case you find yourself planning ahead. If not, we won’t judge you for a last minute stop at the store along the way…

1 glittered flatware on Oh Happy Day // 2 mini copper planter set by Sugar & Cloth // 3 concrete party candle holders by Funkytime // 4 dipped spoon set by A Little Bit Funky via House of Earnest // 5 “cheers” in different languages coasters on Design Love Fest // 6 painted party cup set on Design*Sponge // 7 hot chocolate for two gift set by Sugar & Cloth // 8 fabric labeled spice jar set by Creature Comforts

P.s.- Don’t forget about the rest of the 24 Merry Days, today’s giveaway is on This Little Street!

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A Little Martha Stewart Action


Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth as a guest pinner for Martha Stewart

In case you missed it, Sugar & Cloth was featured on Martha Stewart Living as a guest blogger for holiday decor yesterday! Three words: dream. come. true. I may have also ran around my house patting myself of the back, but that can’t be confirmed. To top it all off, I’ll be guest pinning for the Martha Stewart Living Pinterest boards until Christmas. You can follow all of my pins and read the guest pinner article here!

Now you’ll have to excuse me while I go eat a cupcake in celebration. – xo Ash

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