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Dessert Crushing


cutest holiday desserts from Raspberri Cupcakes

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I’m not even going to lie to you, I totally have  girl crush on Steph from Raspberri Cupcakes. Basically we could be best friends forever and ever and weigh 700 pounds together from her delicious recipes and I would consider it a dream. Am I rambling? I just really love this blog that much! I mean, seriously, how cute are these holiday recipes?

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Winter Date Idea // Sunset hot chocolate for two


winter date idea: hot chocolate for two

Lately Seth and I have been trying to come up with inexpensive date night ideas that stray from our go-to diners or taco nights (hey, we live in Texas..). With Christmas just around the corner, we’ve been aiming for anything cute and almost free, which is how we ended up having our own little sunset hot chocolate for two.

winter date idea: hot chocolate for two We bundled up (which gave me good leverage when begging Seth to let me open up my H&M mittens that he got me for Christmas), and laid down a few blankets in the field near our house. I also brought battery operated string lights for a little bit of sparkle when it got dark.

winter date idea: hot chocolate for two

winter date idea: hot chocolate for two For snacks we packed a vintage picnic kit with hot chocolate, marshmallows, peppermint, and shortbread cookies. winter date night: hot chocolate for two winter date idea: hot chocolate for two

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Our holiday postcards… Oh, and the giveaway winners!


twine wrapped Rifle Paper Co. postcards twine wrapped Rifle Paper Co. postcards

I can’t help but show you my ridiculously cute Rifle Paper Co. Christmas postcards. Mostly I’m just proud about the fact that I’m getting around to sending anything out at all, but then when you add red and white twine on top of it, I’m about as proud as Buddy the Elf after spreading Christmas cheer.

On a more relevant note (that you’ve all been waiting for), I’m excited to announce the winners that were randomly drawn for the Potter + Butler and Jelanie giveaways! Drum roll please:

winners of the potter and butler and jelanie giveaways

Go ahead and clear your inboxes, Holly and Eleonora, we’ll be in touch with info on your gifts! For those of you that didn’t win, don’t fret, you can enter plenty more giveaways (14 to be exact) on 24 Merry Days. Thanks for all of your enthusiasm and to our awesome sponsors!

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Use Your Influence: Pay It Forward Challenge


be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

From bloggers to readers, and everyone in between, we all have a much greater influence on people than we realize. Someone, somewhere looks up to the decisions we make as well as the products and ideas we promote and stand for. It’s loads of fun sharing projects and ideas with you everyday, but today I want to challenge you to use your influence for something bigger… I want to challenge you to give selflessly this month.

It’s one thing to give gifts to people we love and care about, but giving to complete strangers is a little more difficult. Can you imagine how many people would have their entire day changed by walking out to their car to see a gift card on their window from a complete stranger? Or by paying for someone behind you in line, maybe even just leaving a generous tip and note to “pay it forward”? Out of the thousands of Sugar & Cloth readers, if we each participated in just one random act of kindness this Christmas, and influenced those around us to do so as well, that would be a lot of lives impacted!

pay it forward challenged: Be featured on Sugar & Cloth

To encourage you to participate and help influence the people around you to take part, share your random acts of kindness with me on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #payitforwardchallenge. I’ll feature 5 ideas and readers (or more!) on my blog each week for the rest of the month. Together we can make a big impact, are you willing?

random act of kindness

pink smoke image, designs by Sugar & Cloth

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