DIY // Hanging Diamond Decor


DIY hanging diamond decor by contributor Kathleen
project, photos, and tutorial contributed by Kathleen of Snowdrop & Co.

Now that June is upon us, it’s beginning to really feel like summer. These hanging diamond ornaments are a great way to offset that summer heat – don’t they remind you of ice cubes floating mid-air? Plus, with all the diamond-shaped products out there these days wouldn’t it be a blast to throw an icy cool diamond party this summer? I hope you won’t forget to send Sugar & Cloth an invitation!

These DIY metallic diamonds are fun to hang as an overhead table centrepiece or for photo backdrops, but you could easily leave off the string for modern tabletop décor.


  • Box of straws
  • Silver muffler tape (available at hardware stores and some dollar stores)
  • Washi/masking tape
  • Wooden skewer
  • Cotton string
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Additional string/thread if desired (for hanging completed diamonds)

DIY hanging diamond decor

Step 1: Cut your straws to the desired lengths. The step-by-step photos for this tutorial show the largest of the three diamonds pictured. The lengths of the straws used are:

  • six 7 1/2″ straws (long)
  • six 5 3/4″ straws (medium)
  • twelve 3 3/4″ straws (short)

If you want to replicate the other diamonds in the photo, the medium five-sided diamond used:

  • five 6 1/4″ straws
  • five 5 1/2″ straws
  • ten 3 1/2″ straws

And the smallest five-sided diamond used:

  • five 4 1/2″ straws
  • five 3 1/4″ straws
  • five 2 1/2″ straws
  • five 1 3/4″ straws

You can always play around with straw lengths and make whatever size best suits your space.

Step 2: Cut pieces of muffler tape in corresponding lengths to the straws. Because the tape is so wide, cut each piece length-wise; therefore one 6″ piece of muffler tape will cover two 6″ straws. It isn’t a bad idea to cut the tape a tiny bit longer than your straws – you can trim the excess later.

To cover the straws, the best way to ensure a wrinkle-free covering is to carefully peel off the tape backing, lay the tape flat on your work surface, place the straw along one edge of the tape, and then roll forward smoothing the tape as you go. If you have excess tape extending past the end of the straw, trim it off.

DIY hanging diamond decor

Step 3: Time to connect the straws! Tape the end of your string close to the pointy end of your wooden skewer – this will be used as a needle to make threading the straws easier. Slide two long and one medium straw onto the string. Pull the string taught so that the straws form a triangle and tie a double knot where the two straws meet. Cut off excess thread.

Step 4: “Rethread” your needle if necessary. To create the next five sides, simply slide the needle through one of the long straws on the existing triangle (leaving a few inches of thread to tie off with) and add another long and medium straw; tie off as before. Repeat, rethreading as needed. For the sixth side, slide the skewer through the two long straws and add the final medium straw; tie off. You should now have a six-sided pyramid.

Step 5: To add the upper trapezoidal facets, slide the needle through one of the medium straws on the pyramid and add three short straws. Pull tight and tie off. Slide the skewer through the next medium straw, the adjacent short straw, and add two short straws; tie off. Continue to add facets in this way, two short straws at a time, tying off after each new facet. For the last facet, slide through the short, medium, and short straws, and then add the final short straw. Tie off.

Step 6: To tidy up the diamonds, use the skewer to push any knots visible at the intersections into the length of the straw.

Step 7: If you want to use the diamonds as tabletop decor, then you’re done! If you would prefer to hang them, use string (silver cord is pictured, but you can use clear thread or whatever you like) and tie 6″ pieces to the exposed strings at the top intersections of the diamond. Tie these six strings together, and then tie a long piece of string onto this knot. Tape the string to your ceiling and trim any excess string.

DIY hanging diamond decor from contributor kathleen

If hung in direct sunlight the diamonds reflect onto nearby walls, disco ball style. In lower light they can make gorgeous shadows if hung near a wall.

kathleen of snowdrop and company

project and photos contributed by Kathleen of Snowdrop & Co.


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34 thoughts on “DIY // Hanging Diamond Decor

  1. jet

    awesome this project, thank you for the great diy and the sharing.
    it’s lovely and cool ,well done!!!

  2. shakti

    love that the metallic tape makes these look all grown up. I’ve seen this done with neon straws which gave the shapes a completely different feel. A bit more whimsical

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  4. Kim

    Thank you for this post. What a great idea!

    Found you from Oh Happy Day, and these were perfect for my Father’s Day table decorations.

    I had a little trouble getting the cotton string to behave as desired and ended up abandoning the process for hot glue. This worked well and was a fast alternative. I ended up hanging the diamonds with thin silver wire, which gave the tops of the diamonds nice structure. This may have also been a good substitute to cotton thread.

    After I finished, I realized spray pain could be a fun alternative in lieu of the silver tape, should you want to try another color scheme apart from what is available in tape/straw colors. Maybe for next time :)

    Had a fun time and thanks again. Great tutorial!

    Instagram: @iamkest

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  16. Cathy

    Quick material sub- what you want is aluminum foil tape in the heating duct section. Muffler tape has asbestos and is pricey.

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  19. A.trevino

    I did this project last night… I didn’t want to hang the diamond, just use as a table or bookshelf piece … I hadn’t thought it through and since the instructions say you can do this .. I assumed it would work.. Wrong. If you’re not going to hang these you will need to use something with more structure than string. I had an epiphany this morning and realized I had some unused silver pipe cleaner … I pushed small pieces of that through each of the top “corners” until it had enough structure to stay in shape on it’s own.. I think any kind of thin flexible wire would work, just so happened that I had pipe cleaner lying around and I didn’t want to spend any more money on this project .. Anyway, it turned out great! Just a heads up for anyone in the future :)

  20. Frau Dietel

    love at first sight. i’m trying to do it right now. and it’ s IMPOSSIBLE!!! i have my 8month old daughter helping and she loves to mess up the strings and straws..sigh ….
    will continue later …. thanks for sharing!


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