DIY // Simple pumpkin leaf place cards


DIY pumpkin leaf place cards

Believe it or not, I’m actually a total underachiever when it comes to preparing for parties and holidays. That doesn’t mean I don’t go at least five miles out of my way for cute gift wrapping, it just means that I wait until I’m biting my nails all the way to the shop for the cute gift wrap in order to not be late to the party. That makes perfect sense, right?

This all brings me to my next point, which is if there’s a way to make something super cute in less than five-minutes before a get together, then I’m game! Kind of like these simple DIY pumpkin leaf place cards for the holiday table. Mix them with dark colors for Halloween, or go white and bright with a little gold here and there for Thanksgiving. You pick!


  • Martha Stewart vintage frame labels
  • Gold floral wire (two of the same shape for each setting)
  • Mini pumpkins
  • Pencil or pen (or a stick if you’re rustic)
  • Wire cutters

DIY pumpkin leaf place cards

Wrap half a strand of floral wire about 5 inches long around a pen or pencil to give it a curled shape.

DIY pumpkin leaf place cards

Write each name on two stickers and place the stickers on each side of the wire where it’s left uncurled. This makes a double sides place card with the wire in the middle.

DIY pumpkin leaf place cards

Twist the end of the wire around the stem of your pumpkin, and give the opposite end of the wire a little twirl to finish off the gold stem look.

DIY pumpkin leaf place cards


Throw in a few other key decor items to set the mood of the table, and your guests will never know you only sweated a few sacred minutes over these!

DIY pumpkin leaf place cards

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