DIY // Ikea hack dresser and prepping for guests


DIY Ikea hack dresser

DIY Ikea hack dresser

Sometimes I have lightbulb DIY moments and other times I just have to give a round of applause to some other DIY geniuses, like I did with this leather dresser pull idea that I got from Improvised Life. Let’s be real, is this not the perfect $10 Ikea hack solution to make inexpensive furniture perfectly impressive for holiday guests? I think so! Add a few extra tidbits like cookies (these are from The Cravory), your favorite candle, and a few refreshments and they should be set.

To make this version of pulls, I just folded two inch wide strips of leather from the craft store and nailed two gold nails to top portion of the drawers.

DIY Ikea hack dresser

In case you don’t have the space for guests to have their own dresser, you can always opt for this stand alone floor length mirror with room for guests to hang their clothes on the back. I like to keep pretty patterns on mine for everyday, but if you’re into sharing, you can give them a rack and a few clothes hangers for their own.

DIY Ikea hack dresser and ikea clothing mirror


Another cute idea for making guests feel welcome is by leaving a polaroid mini camera for them to snap their favorite memories!

a polaroid mini camera is a way to welcome guests for the holidays

DIY Ikea hack dresser

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44 thoughts on “DIY // Ikea hack dresser and prepping for guests

  1. Jessica

    Such a good idea. :) It would definitely come in handy for absent-minded *read: ditzy* people like myself. I’d go crazy trying to figure out how to open a drawer without visible handles.

  2. Diana

    The leather looks great against the white unit. We have a couple of these drawers for the kids bedrooms – I may look at doing something similar in their rooms with webbing or strong fabric tape to coordinate with their colour schemes.

    Your room looks very inviting….I would be worried guests never want to leave!!

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  4. Anne-Marie

    So beautiful! Thank you very much for sharing this, I have featured it on my blog and linked back here, hope that is okay!! I may be doing this in my own home shortly :)

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  17. Anna K. Ash

    I love your leather pulls. Now that it has been 9 months, how are they holding up to wear and tear? I am considering doing those on a little bigger dresser and make two per drawer. I am only concerned that the nails might give out from pulling. How’s your experience?

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