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We’re Moving!


we're moving!

Photo by Kimberly Chau

I really wanted to name this post “Bet you didn’t see this coming!”, but I decided to be a bit more straight to the point before any family members passed out over it…

I’ve never quite been a very go-with-the-flow type of person when it comes to major life changes, but if there’s ever been a time in my life that would convert me, it would be now. It may or may not also be followed by extra gray hairs, but the point here is really that there are exciting things to come.

When I first shared the news of the new Sugar & Cloth studio a few months ago  I was terrified, excited, and totally winging it. I feel like I could be a walking spokeswoman for the phrase “Fake it til’ you make it”. Now that I learned a few lessons the hard way and have a better understanding of what we really need to make a more permanent home for Sugar & Cloth, so we’re moving studios. This is partly due to some elements that are out of my control and partly due to my not wanting to settle for less than the best S&C can be (and bringing better content to you here).

So, with a quick little drive down the street and the help of lots of friends and family, we’re spending this week prepping the major parts of the new, much bigger studio space. I’m crossing my fingers that we can get our current things migrated to the new space by the end of the week. Of course we’ll still have a WHOLE lot of DIY’ing ahead of us to get everything just right and I’ll be sharing our progress along the way with you! You can see all of the photos from our current space and the new with #sugarandclothstudio!

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DIY washers yard game


DIY copper washers tailgating yard game | DIY copper washers tailgating yard game |

photos by Aelish Wilmot

Did I mention that we accidentally discovered the hardest DIY yard game in the world a few weeks ago? Technically it’s my fault because I was too rushed to get everything together for our rooftop watch party shoot that I didn’t want to take the time to find bigger metal washers to use as rings, but at least I was consoled by the hilarity of a grown man losing his composure with excitement over finally getting one ring around a goal post after a half an hour of relentless effort.

All of that to say you should totally make this DIY washers yard game, but just promise to buy big enough washers to where you don’t end up hating me for it…

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DIY Pumpkin Halloween Candy Bucket


DIY pumpkin candy bucket | DIY pumpkin candy bucket |

photos by Jared Smith

Okay, so I might have actually missed the trick-or-treating boat for a lot of you with my poor timing on this project, but our model was too cute not to post so I decided to anyways! Besides, there is always next year if you’re the kind of parent that likes to DIY any time before the night before something is due… I can’t say that I’ll always be that prepared. So far my track record is really against me on that one.

For those of you that are ready to cram in one last Halloween craft for your kids’ sake, then this DIY pumpkin Halloween bucket has your name all over it. For the rest of you that only have fur babies that require no candy buckets, you can stick with the Halloween macaron DIY I shared on Insta last night!

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Smirnoff ICE Original Moscow Mule Recipe


moscow mule with smirnoff ice recipe | moscow mule with smirnoff ice recipe |

photos by Aelish Wilmot

Aside from the fact that I’ll drink just about anything from a copper cup sheerly for the cuteness factor, I’ve really been into moscow mules lately. I guess it’s not really that cool anymore now that everyone is loving them, but what can I say? To bring a little different flair to the current trend, we made a four ingredient version that you can whip up on the fly for our rooftop party with Smirnoff.

Oh, and did I mention these copper cups were only $9 instead of the usual $20 each from Target? Winning! Click through to see the full recipe for the Smirnoff ICE original moscow mule recipe…

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