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Behind the Scenes Lately 4/24


sugar & cloth studio mini Smeg appliances

Oh man, you guys. Where do I even start? I’ve kind of gotten myself super overloaded behind the scenes lately, even just within the last week. To start off, we’re flying to San Francisco today for a little work mixed with play this weekend, and then from there to LA on Monday for meetings and a last minute lunch I’m hosting with Kelly. You know, I love to make sure I never stop… or sleep… or see much while I’m gone. I kid, I kid…

In the meantime, we’ve been working with Meredith from Cake & Confetti (how amazing is that business name?!), on an awesome Derby Party at Julep that we’re styling. If you’re in Houston, definitely plan to stop by and say hello on May 2nd! We spent most of Wednesday cutting astro turf to fit a parking lot (not joking), and then classing that up with a bit of a crash course in cutting out signage with my Cricut. It’s been very glamourous… san francisco

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Sending my love back home on Mother’s Day…


sending love back home for mother's day | sugar & cloth sending love back home for mother's day | sugar & cloth

photos by Jared Smith

Living in Houston has posed multiple challenges for me with life as I used to know it. For instance, learning to live with extreme humidity basically year round (I thought I was bad at styling my hair before, ha!), navigating a thousand different highways to get just about anywhere, and having to miss out on a lot of holidays with the my Mom and Dad back home. The latter of the three breaks my heart all too often, so I’ve gotten super accustomed to finding ways to of sending my love back home, like ProFlowers for Mother’s Day (though my Mom absolutely requires chocolate at every occasion, so I have to add that on too, ha!) and my token Polo hat in the same color every year for my Dad for Father’s Day. Except the time I bought him a microwave, but that’s a story for another time….

My parents separated when I was really young, so I know all about how hard it can be on holidays, especially Mother and Father’s Day, when there isn’t a second parent around to make sure the day is made special when kids are young or to be able to take a break even if just for the day. Knowing all of that, I have a very special place in my heart for single parents, so I decided to give a little extra attention to two single, hard working, and dedicated Moms here in Houston that we know and love by doting on them and their little families with sweets, a photo shoot, and a bouquet that we thought reflected their awesome personalities in honor of Mother’s Day…

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DIY Painted Chair Makeover


DIY patterned chair makeover | sugar & cloth DIY patterned chair makeover | sugar & cloth

photos by Jared Smith

Okay, so I’ve this Ikea chair forever. It was one of those things you have in your house but you also still forget you even own because it’s literally just there, you know? Since we had a ton of leftover fabric paint from the DIY workshop, so I figured what the heck, I’ll paint it! At least if this DIY painted chair makeover extravaganza went really south I wouldn’t miss the chair, ha!

I think I like how it turned out though! What do you all think? Don’t get me wrong, I know the pattern is a little crazy, but would you ever paint a pattern on one of your old chairs? The good thing about the particular is that it’s doesn’t get super scratchy if you apply it lightly, here’s how I made mine…

DIY patterned chair makeover | sugar & cloth

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5 Flavored Water Recipes & DIY Fruit Cups


5 flavored water recipes & DIY fruit cups | sugar & cloth 5 flavored water recipes & DIY fruit cups | sugar & cloth

You know how I sit you guys down at least once a week while we have an honest discussion about buying things solely for the packaging and how we shouldn’t get too carried away? Well, I’ve found an exception to the rule of not getting too carried away and I’m hereby giving you full permission to go buck wild and buy and ALL THE Soma things. Seriously. They’re just as pretty as they are practical (aka all of your summer gatherings will thank you for this all natural, white oak handled beauty at the table), plus they donate to clean water charities with every purchase, which is a cause worthy of buying for in my book! If all of that doesn’t make you want to turn and hug a friend, I don’t know what will.

I think I may have mentioned it before, but I don’t drink any sodas (or “pop” to all of my North eastern friends! #shoutout), so my drink choices are seriously lacking when it comes to summer months. I’m usually downing flavored soda water left and right, which as it turns out after a few friends letting me down not-so-gently, doesn’t constitute replacing all of my regular water intake (we won’t even get started on Jared’s habits!).

Thus, all of this to say that I’ve become newly obsessed with Soma, which is perfect for fulfilling my need for an intentional plan to keep something on hand that hydrates, works fast (sooo much faster than regular filter pitchers!), and tastes crisp too. It’s basically going to be the sole reason that Jared stays weened off of coke cans, and me away from iced chai’s. But you know me, I have to have some flair to it, so I’m bringing you five flavored water recipes & DIY fruit cups to add a little pizazz to my new found hero…

5 flavored water recipes & DIY fruit cups | sugar & cloth

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