DIY Sequin polka dot pumpkin


DIY sequined polka dot pumpkin | DIY sequined polka dot pumpkin |

photos by Jared Smith

Since we’re on topic of cheerful Halloween decor, I thought I’d share with you how I added my own white, gold, and a touch of sparkle to it with this DIY sequin polka dot pumpkin project that… practically almost doubles as a disco ball. The last part was just a happy accident, and I don’t hate it (double plus, you don’t even have to hang this disco ball)!

I also used the white plastic pumpkins from craft stores so that I only have to apply sequins once and then enjoy them for a few more years before sequins cover the attic floor with the rest of the stowed away holidays things…

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Ghoul’s guts ice cream cake shot recipe


ghouls guts ice cream cake shot recipe |

photos by Jared Smith

I’ve concocted quite a few ice cream shot recipes in the history of Sugar & Cloth, but I’ve yet to bust out any Halloween inspired ones. Valentine’s day? Got you covered. Christmas? Love it so much I made two, this one and this one. A just because ice cream cake shot? Most definitely. And now.. a ghouls guts ice cream cake shot recipe just for Halloween.

Luckily ghosts have a tendency to fall in line with my all white color scheme here on the blog, so I just went with it…

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DIY Halloween glassware decals


DIY halloween glassware decals | DIY halloween glassware decals |

photos by Jared Smith

Though I’m not necessarily a big Halloween fan, I can still whip up a few non-scary decor ideas here and there, and these DIY Halloween glassware decals may actually be one of my prouder moments. I mean, not only were they an excellent excuse for me to breakdown and buy some copper glasses (to resemble pumpkin color, of course), but they’re also temporary so I can have these copper mug beauties all to my non-scary holiday self after the season ends.

To seal the deal, you can make a whole slew of custom glassware decals for your costume party with just one package of vinyl clings, bet you didn’t see that one coming!

DIY halloween glassware decals |

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DIY Fruit Loop Costume Glasses


DIY fruit loop glasses costume | DIY fruit loop glasses costume |

Alright, so I’m not much of a Halloween person, but I can blend with the best of them (the Halloween lovers, that is) when need be. Usually that need comes somewhere around October over year, so alas, I’ve pulling up my spooktacular sleeves with these DIY fruit loop costume glasses over on Minted! It doesn’t get much scarier than glasses with fruit on them, right?

You can see the whole tutorial plus my little addition for combining these guys into a whole get-up! Just promise to picture a kid modeling them instead of me, okay?

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