DIY Mini Face Planters


DIY mini face planters | sugar & cloth DIY mini face planters | sugar & cloth

I, Teri, am a little planter obsessed at the moment!…Any excuse to bring a bit of green into the house and create a pretty pot to go with it, is a good one. For this project I delved back into my childhood memories of poached egg and soldiers, and growing cress plants in egg shells. I had a moment of rediscovery (deep, I know) since not having any use for them since childhood, and I’d totally forgotten about egg cups, which make the perfect little DIY mini face planters! It sprang to mind that the cups needed faces because, of course everything looks better with a face on it these days, right?

This tutorial is so simple to follow and gives you scope to get creative and choose all manner of crazy plants for the hair. The great news is you need very few materials to make this but do make sure you use a fine porcelain pen for the features rather than a paintbrush. This will make it so much easier to get the details nice and neat. Once baked the paint is set onto the egg cups and should be dishwasher resistant dependent on the make of paint you use…
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