DIY Santa Milk & Cookies Idea

DIY Santa Milk And Cookies Idea — A cute and clever DIY Santa Milk And Cookies Idea for Christmas party favors or just for Santa to snack on.

DIY milk and cookie party favors |

DIY milk and cookie party favors |

I know Santa isn’t exactly supposed to show favorites and all. But I can’t help but to think he’d realllllly love you if he crept down the chimney to see this DIY Santa Milk And Cookies Idea.

Just in case your kids are too grown to need milk and cookies left out on Christmas Eve, you can just forego the tradition and let your Christmas party guests take a mini milk jug and cookies home as their party favor instead!

I mean, call me a cookie lover. But I’d freak out if that was the party favor for one of my holiday parties.

In my dream world, they’d serve mini milk jugs and warm cookies at every hotel before bed. Is that too honest?

DIY milk and cookie party favors |


Materials Needed For Our DIY Santa Milk And Cookies Idea

Mini milk jugs from Shop Sweet Lulu — We also love these reusable glass bottles with peppermint straws or traditional mini milk bottles.

Cookies and milk of your choice

Mini trays for serving — We used Hay Kaleido Trays and these are similar ones!

Straws — Optional

DIY milk and cookie party favors |

How To Set Up The DIY Santa Milk And Cookies Idea

Okay, so technically you don’t really need instructions for this project. You basically just fill the jugs and place the cookies out. It really doesn’t get any easier than that!

Especially if you cheat and use store bought cookies, but you didn’t hear that from me!

DIY milk and cookie party favors |     

Did you have a clever milk and cookies tradition growing up? We didn’t at my house.

But looking back I think that’s just because my parents knew better than to bust out any form of sugar before bed unless they wanted me to go down kicking and screaming.

Santa can’t touch my cookies! Just sayin’…

And if you want to go all out, here are some of our favorite cookie recipes from the archives below —

DIY milk and cookie party favors |

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  1. This is really cute, I like drinking milk straight from the jug, so I guess this is better than drinking straight from the big jug :D. I should get one of those mini milk jugs. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The mini milk jugs are so cute! I used to leave mince pies out, no cookies for Father Christmas here in the UK! Not forgetting the carrots for the reindeer of course… Liv x