DIY Woven Stool For Your Home Décor

DIY Woven Leather Stool — We’re teaching you how to make this awesome DIY Woven Leather Stool that everyone will think it’s store bought. It’s that good!

DIY woven leather stool - sugar and cloth

It seems the design world is cuckoo for cognac-hued leather at the moment (especially when it comes to sofas).

And I, Erin am no exception to the craze! Like most of us though, it’s not exactly feasible to run out and buy a new sofa at the drop of a hat. (Although wouldn’t that be amazing?!)

So I’ve decided to satisfy my cognac leather craving with a more affordable sort of furniture piece. One I can actually make myself with a little ingenuity and cleverly wielded materials.

If you too are looking for a way to introduce cognac leather into your home without throwing your savings out the window, this DIY Woven Leather stool has your name written all over it…

woven-stool (1 of 1)

Materials Needed To Make A DIY Woven Leather Stool

woven-stool (1 of 1)-26

How To Make A DIY Woven Leather Stool

Cut faux leather in 4” wide strips at two length. You’ll need seven strips at 29”L & ten strips at 18”L.

Then, cut cording into seven strips at 26”L & ten strips at 15”L.

Once the faux leather and cording is cut, start encasing the cording in the leather strips.

DIY woven leather stool - sugar and cloth

Center the short cording strips on the short faux leather strips and fold the faux leather in half (around the casing).

Pin into place.

Do the same with the longer faux leather & cording.

2woven-stool (1 of 1)-37

Next thread your machine (I used contrast thread) and move your needle all the way over so it’s as close to the leather cording as possible.

Sew a straight stitch along the length of the cording, removing pins as you go.

Repeat with all cordings.

3woven-stool (1 of 1)-44

Position the angled leg brackets at each corner of the board.

Mark with a pencil and pre-drill holes.

4woven-stool (1 of 1)-40

Flip the board over.

Cut four layers of batting the same size as the board and attach onto the board with a staple in each corner.

5woven-stool (1 of 1)-41

Next, begin stapling the long leather strips along the underside of the shorter edge of the board, and the short leather strips along the underside of the longer edge of the board.

6woven-stool (1 of 1)-42

Next, flip the board over and lay the long strips over the length of the board.

If you’re familiar with weaving, think of the long strips as your warp (running lengthwise) and your shorter strips as your weft (running right to left).

Begin weaving the strips together with a basket type weave comprised of ‘over one, under one.’ Make sure to push the shorter strips back up towards the top, and pull everything very tight as you go.

As soon as you’ve woven in about 3 short strips, staple those 3 weft cords on the bottom side of the board towards the edge.

I didn’t worry too much about the contrast stitching showing, as I liked the handmade quality it added.

DIY woven leather stool - sugar and cloth

Continue weaving until the entire top of the stool is woven.

Finish by stapling the long warp strips to the bottom side of the board.

Then, cut back any strips (& re-staple, if necessary) any that cover up your pre-drilled bracket holes.

DIY woven leather stool - sugar and cloth

At this point, you may want to conceal the craziness on the bottom of the stool with lightweight cotton fabric.

This step is totally optional, but I think it creates a more finished looking piece.

Cut a piece of lightweight cotton 1-2” larger than the size of the board.

Fold raw edges under so that it’s the size of the board and iron to keep in place.

Lay the fabric over the bottom of the stool and staple one edge into place.

Mark pre-drilled bracket holes on the surface of the fabric with a white colored pencil.

Staple the remaining sides of the fabric into place.

Screw brackets into place and screw in legs.

woven-stool (1 of 1)-33woven-stool (1 of 1) DIY woven leather stool - sugar and cloth woven-stool (1 of 1)-32woven-stool (1 of 1)-HEADER

Pair this textural bad boy with your favorite lounge chair, or tuck a pair of them under a console for additional seating when needed. Either way, your space just got an upgrade! What do you think? Are you into the cognac leather trend?

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  1. Holy guacamole this is GREAT! I’ve just finished making a footstool myself – I went down the traditional route by covering some foam with a heavy-duty woven fabric. But this idea is so much cooler, I want to make a second one now! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

    • LOL thanks Mike! What a compliment! I mean, you can never have too many stools in my opinion, haha! Let us know if you try it out!

  2. I love this project! Thank you so much for that wonderful idea.

    May I ask what’s hanging on the wall for decoration? It looks like amate (bark paper).

  3. If i were to alter the size of the stool to 12″ x 24″ do you have any suggestions on sizing of the lengths of vinyl and piping (when cut)? I noticed your lengths of vinyl are roughly doubled the length or width of the MDF. Thank you!

  4. Great project! It looks like something from a high-end store. The only thing I can add is that when you are making piping, use a zipper foot to get your piping as tight as you can. I know, I’ve made thousands of yards of it!

  5. I just love this piece , i am going to have to add this link so i maY do some what simular as i do not have as handy a hand,,,but willing to go for it . Thank you for sharing.

  6. I dont knoW if its just me but none of the materials link are clickablE for the urls. They’re shoWing up as UNLINKED texts

    • So strange, it’s working for us and we haven’t been told about the issue from others yet! Can you let us know what browser you’re using so we can look into? thanks Mary!


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