DIY // Party Animal Magnets


DIY plastic animal magnet

Once upon a time I featured a post from Hank + Hunt, here, for her DIY animal candle holders. I blame that post for ooh’ing and ahh’ing over plastic animals every time I see them now (nerd alert*). Since I apparently  have a new found love for them, I thought I would come up with a project where I could use them for more than just birthday candles, and hence, decided to make them into magnets.

* for the safety of your reputation, never announce over the phone that you are “cutting up animals”, it gets awkward until you thoroughly explain yourself..

  • Plastic animals ($1 each at the dollar store)
  • Scissors
  • Super glue
  • Plastic/bottle caps
  • Spray paint
  • Magnet circles

DIY plastic animal magnet

1 | Cut the plastic animals in half with scissors, it’s surprisingly easy.

2 | Insert the caps into the open end of the animals.

3 | Spray paint them the color of your choice.

4 | Super glue the magnet to the back, and be sure to push in the cap far enough to for the magnet to be flush with the animal, I learned this by trial and error :)

DIY plastic animal magnets

DIY plastic animal magnet

What to use in case bottle caps don’t fit into your plastic animal:

  • -air dry clay
  • -thick cardboard cut-outs

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35 thoughts on “DIY // Party Animal Magnets

  1. jewel7013

    My first glance at these reminded me of all the men I have known who are avid hunters who love to display their trophies on the wall…

    This is Taxidermy innovation at its best…:)

      1. Glenda

        If you do both, I could see some amazing animal creations from the kiddos.. Hippo head, tiger butt…tiger head, horse butt…. fun stuff.

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  6. mollie

    love these!! so much fun:) Question… what if the animals aren’t the perfect size for a bottle cap to fit inside as the base? Any other ideas of how you attach the magnets?

    1. Ashley Post author

      You could use air-dry clay to fill the inside and it would definitely give it a really put together look. Or you could even use thick cardboard cutouts!

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  8. Mackenzie

    Thanks so much for posting how to do this. I saw these on etsy and said I bet I could make those myself. :) I’m going to make them as wedding favors/ escort or place card holders!

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  18. Zoe Bleak (@zoebleak)

    Have you had a problem with the caps+magnets falling out when pulling it off a metal surface? Or do the caps stay plugged inside the animal pretty well? Would you suggest using super glue for the cap as well?

  19. Artuss

    Hey ,
    What spray paint did you used?
    I sprayed figures with simple gold paint and it’s not drying at all. Must be the rubbery material.

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