DIY // Pegboard Headboard


DIY pegboard headboard

Don’t worry I haven’t deemed myself a poet, the title just rhymes by accident, ughm..

Remember my oohing’ and aahing’ over headboards left and right? Well, despite my insisting that I was going to decide on the perfect DIY version to create, I finally broke down and made one that would accommodate my constant indecisiveness (now you can sleep well knowing you won’t wake up to another one of my headboard proclamations). Without further ado, I’d like to introduce to you my pegboard, designed especially for those that have trouble with commitment–

  • Pegboard
  • Dry wall screws
  • Clear spacers
  • Pegboard hangers
  • General mounting tools

DIY pegboard headboard

(I used four pegboard squares because we had no way to transport the size we needed in one go..)

1 | Get a general idea of the layout you want, then measure & mark.

2 | Anchor dry-wall screws to the wall, and then place clear spacers between the wall and pegboard before screwing them in place.

3 | Continue with the remaining boards.

4 | Use pegboard accessory hangers to decorate!

DIY pegboard headboard

DIY pegboard headboard

DIY pegboard headboard

DIY pegboard headboard

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55 thoughts on “DIY // Pegboard Headboard

  1. Maddy

    This is just so awesome! I’ve been changing my mind every 5 minutes with anything decore related so this is the perfect solution! Thanks for the tutorial :)


  2. jewel7013



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    1. serena

      oh and i forgot to say i absolutely LOVE this idea… i’m thinkin of copying it. i found a huge piece of pegboard that my dad says i can have. SCOre

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  14. Evil Britta

    Love this! Is the wire basket pegboard-ready or is it just a separate basket on pegboard accessories?

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  24. Jennifer

    This is such a fantastic idea. I’ve been wanting to get pegboards for a while. Where did you purchase the ones in this tutorial?

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