DIY // Twine Dispenser Figurine


DIY twine holder figurine

DIY twine holder figurine

Hands down the most commonly asked question about my blog is “Where do you buy your twine?”. I can say that there are a few things I’d like to be known for in this lifetime, but if a twine-aholic is one of those things, I’m okay with it.

If you’re a twine-aholic too (or one to be) you can buy it by the truck load right here. Trust me, this is one crazy good (no longer top secret) deal on twine my friends! You can get a 2lb. cone in 12 different colors for less than $10. Now, storing all of your twine after a buying spree leads me to my next point… this seriously easy DIY twine holder figurine that I concocted after coming across this little guy on Pinterest.

[imagebrowser id=2]

Cool thing about this project (beside the obvious factor of it dispensing twine) is that you can make it out of whatever figurine you want as long as it’s hollow inside. I chose a decorative owl figurine from Marshall’s that was big enough to cover a small wooden spool. They had larger ones that could have covered the whole 2lb. cone, but if I covered all of my 2lb. spools with owl figurines, I would be crazy owl lady.

DIY twine dispenser figurine

DIY twine holder figurine

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15 thoughts on “DIY // Twine Dispenser Figurine

  1. Shakti

    Cute! Cute! Cute! I’ve been eyeballing colored twine for awhile but because of a washi tape obsession that’s only barely under control I’m afraid to buy any haha

  2. Lila Smyth

    Kate Franco suggested I check out your blog. I love it! I too am a twine fanatic. I happen to also be a crazy owl lady :) Love this idea of a twine holder. I’ll have to keep my eye out for figurines…

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